“Iceberg Identities” by Jeanette Swan Speech

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Iceberg Identities


Iceberg beach

in southern seas –

sunning seals dream warm;


Iceberg platform –

penguins dive

in super-swimmer-suits;


Iceberg lid

on ocean pots

of squid and krill in brine;


Submerged iceberg –


unknown thoughts that hide;


An iceberg hit,

sunk a ship –

a shattered hull moans;


Sunlit castle

midnight-pink –

silent melting



“Our Yeti” by Chris Owen


Our Yeti

We went to the pet shop to buy a new kitten but ended up getting a yeti.

The shopkeeper said, ‘It eats two-minute noodles and oodles of homemade spaghetti.’


We took our new yeti to meet Aunty Betty whose pantry is chockful of noodles,

 But, sadly, the yeti devoured Auntie Betty and three of her pedigree poodles.


Our yeti then quickly became very sickly. We rushed it along to the vet,

Who said, ‘I’ve seen creatures with hideous features, but this is the yuckiest yet.’


I told him our yeti mistook Aunty Betty for something decidedly yummy,

And eating the poodles instead of the noodles was giving it pains in the tummy.


The vet looked perplexed so he ran a few checks. Then he finally made a suggestion,

‘I think in the end I will just recommend an apple to aid the digestion


Then in a trice (this bit isn’t nice) our gluttonous pet from Tibet,

the big hairy brute, after eating the fruit, proceeded to swallow the vet.


Those large yeti lips then spat out the pips, some spectacles, shoes and a sweater.

And then, I must say, by the end of the day our pet did appear to be better.


Now we’ve trained our pet yeti to eat its spaghetti and noodles so no one gets hurt.

And now, if it’s good and behaves as it should, it gets to have extra dessert.


“THE OLD AUSSIE DUNNY” by James Aitchison

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There was an old dunny

Made out of wood,

And out in the backyard

The old dunny stood.

Sheets of newspaper

Cut into squares,

Hung on a hook —

Please use them in pairs.


A redback spider

Dwelt under the seat,

With a puddle of water

Where you put your feet.


On a hot summer’s day

It sure wasn’t funny,

If you had to visit

That dreadful old dunny.



                           James Aitchison

Our Class’s Hamster Horatio with Teacher Notes by Katherine Gallagher

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Sometimes it’s my turn

to take him to our house

for the weekend. We celebrate.

I give him the nicest titbits

And he spins and spins on his wheel.


When I take him out of his cage,

he wanders about my room.

He’s extremely curious

and sniffs at everything in his path.

But I watch him constantly

in case he zooms away.


Katherine Gallagher

(Published in A First Poetry Book, Macmillan Children’s Books, 2012, ed Gaby Morgan and Pie Corbett)


Teacher Notes: – for Primary years 7 – 11 years


Most of us have pets – fellow creatures that we care for and love.

In cities, sometimes it’s more difficult to have enough room for preferred pets such as rabbits or dogs and we may  have to accept having smaller pets such as cats, hamsters and guinea-pigs.

Then again, a class may like to share caring for a pet as in this poem, ‘Our Class’s Hamster Horatio.’

Suggestion: Write about a pet you used to have at school.




“Tiger the Tabby” by Toni Newell

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Tiger the Tabby


Tiger was a tabby,

The cat that lived next door,

He’d often roam around our yard,

And show the birds his claw.

And every day, close on five,

His name was called out loud,

But on this day, when he was called,

He, could not be found.


We all chipped in and searched for him,

We all looked high and low,

We looked in drains and gardens,

On fences and below.

We looked at roofs and tree trunks,

And there to our surprise,

We found him in the fork of a tree,

He couldn’t move, we realised.


The neighbour fetched a ladder,

Then a volunteer stepped in,

And climbed right up that ladder,

To try and rescue him.

She reached the very top and saw,

Poor Tiger wedged right in,

She gently tried to lift him out,

With care and nurturing.


On descending, there was applause,

By those who stood below,

They cheered and clapped and sang their praise

For the volunteer, the hero.

They waited for them to come down,

And Tiger loudly meowed,

As the neighbours rushed to take their cat,

The volunteer just bowed.


Toni Newell      29th May, 2019.

“The Polar Bears’ Secret” by Jan Darling

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Dear Jame-y you defame me

I’m not white at all.

This is a subject of confusion –

I’m just an optical illusion!


The colour white is made of light

All the colours blended bright.


But me – I’m a Polar Bear

Not one colour do I wear!

Except my skin – my skin is black!

But please don’t feel you’re taken aback.


What trick is it that shows me white?

A strange reaction of the light?

This strange reaction’s not refraction

But something closer to attraction.


I have two kinds of hair – one long and strong:

Tapered and hollow, if I’m not wrong.

It’s filled with air and called the ‘guard’

(Understanding this is really hard).


It’s made of stuff just like our nails

Not unlike a fish’s scales.

When sunrays hit my hollow hair

They bounce around while they’re in there,


They create a kind of incandescence

Something like a ‘transparescence

In Polar Bear’s it’s the quintessence

Of what is called our luminescence.


So – every time my hair sees light

It makes my coat look really white!




PS​ The other kind of hair I wear

is short and thick my warmth to snare.



Jan Darling

#Prompt 11 continued “Pets”

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Good Morning All,

I have a number of poems yet to schedule for the next week. Let’s continue with the Pet Prompt until next week.

I am back from holidays. Here is a photo of a visit to a turtle sanctuary in Bali. They were very cute.

Please send in any other Pet poems this week to poemoftheday.jaxton@gmail.com



And this weeks quote