“My feeling of Rainbow” by Toni Newell

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My feeling of Rainbow


I want to climb a rainbow,

And see how high I go,

Then slide back down the other side,

Land in the pot of gold.


I want to strum the colours,

Like a base guitar,

Feel the colours wash over me,

And take me to afar.


I want to use the rainbow,

As an artist’s palette,

Mix the colours to create,

A brightly coloured parrot.

But most of all I want to see,

A rainbow across the sky,

Giving hope of finer weather,

As in times gone by.

“Frost in Oz” by James Aitchison

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I see icicles everywhere

On my bike and on the stair.

Down on the gate and on the grass,

Our chooks are giving eggs a pass.

I see icicles hither and yon,

I see them hanging on Uncle Ron,

On the dunny and on the ’roo,

And on my mother’s washing too.

I reckon this year the frost is worse,

With icicles on the local hearse.

I’ve never seen this kind of dew

What’s Australia coming to?


“Fussy Rainbow-Eaters” by Celia Berrell with Teacher Notes

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Fussy Rainbow-Eaters


Leaves choose mostly orange-red

then bands of blue

to violet.


Using light to make a meal

of carbohydrate’s

sweet appeal


their chloroplasts feed on the Sun.

But only parts of

light’s spectrum.


Leaves don’t use all sunshine’s beams.

It seems they rarely

eat their greens!


First published in Double Helix (October 2015)

Reproduced with permission of CSIRO





Teacher Notes

Sunshine is made up of all the colours of the rainbow. It’s warming, illuminating, and essential for life.  And plants mostly reflect the colour they don’t absorb – GREEN!

Notes by Jeanie Axton

Below is a template for an Australian Eucalyptus leaf. Print and get the students, after brainstorming, to write a shape poem around the shape of the leaf. They could all be cut out and attached to a Eucalyptus Poem Tree.



“Colours of the Rainbow” by Toni Newell

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There are seven colours of the rainbow,

That all come out of one,

It’s white sunlight, through droplets of water,

Behind which shines the sun.

Red is for raspberry, orange for orange,

Yellow for banana, and green is for grass,

Blue is for blue sky, indigo for blackberry,

And then there is violet that sits below, last.

Together they make up the rainbow,

That arches across the sky,

Hoping the worst of the weather is over,

And that we can all try to keep dry.

”Gulp” by Natalie Cooke

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There’s a lunge and a wriggle—

He’s caught it!

(Poor strawberry,

Mashed to a pulp

By those omnivorous jaws.)

We watch joy beam in the lizard’s eyes.

Red juice stains his granite chin

As the sweet taste of summer floods his tongue.

© Natalie Cooke



“Tasty fruit rainbow” by Virginia Lowe

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Tasty fruit rainbow






Fejoa smells perfumey in its blue-green skin









Violet? Not one


Sample a fruit

Vegetables aren’t some?

Aubergine is egg plant

resembles an egg only in shape

coloured indigo like blueberries

Tomato perhaps is

But all grow as fruit