“Demetrius to Elizabeth” by Virginia Lowe


Demetrius to Elizabeth


The donkeys of Hydra

are sure-footed, reliable

taking goods from the harbour

up steep cliffs to town


Kangaroos in Australia

will not carry loads

their convenient pockets

hold nothing but babies


These unlikely animals

at unbeatable speed

leap yards at a bound

but only on flats


Without animals to harness

or bear our loads

how can we farm?


We’ll get rich with children!

We’ll get rich with gold!


Virginia Lowe






3 thoughts on ““Demetrius to Elizabeth” by Virginia Lowe

  1. Thanks – clever to find the photo, Jeanie! Did you know both Alix Phelan and Toni Newell come via my U3A Creative Writing Group? They’re such a talented group, and of course they’re all there because they want to be – and they do their homework. As we all know, you learn to write by writing… Keep up the good work. Hope you’ve had a lovely time away. Warm regards, Virginia Dr Virginia Lowe Create a Kids’ Book createakidsbook.com.au PO Box 2, Ormond Victoria 3204 ph: 03 9578 5689 mob: 0400 488 100 Stories, Pictures and Reality: Two children tell (Routledge 2007) Lines Between Virginia and John Lowe (Melbourne Poets Union 2018) Description: Lines Between front cover

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