“Dizzy Disney” by James Aitchison

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Dizzy Disney


The Lion King got Tangled

in Cinderellas hair,

while Pinocchios long nose

tripped Mulan on the stair.

Beauty and the Beast came down

to see what was the fuss,

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

said, please do not blame us!

Aladdin called for silence,

The Little Mermaid cried,

Sleeping Beauty couldnt sleep,

but Pocahontas tried.

Bambi ran Into the Woods

and hid behind a log,

and Dumbo was Frozen when

The Princess kissed a Frog.


“Im mad about …..” by Katherine Gallagher

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I’m mad about . . .



I’m mad about honey

that’s runny and funny


I’m mad about cheese

that grows on old trees


I’m mad about chilli

that’s spice-cool and silly


I’m mad about eggs

and rainbow-striped veg


I’m mad about jam

on speckled green ham


I’m mad about pepper

the hotter the better

#Prompt 18 Recycling

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Good Morning,

A very interesting recycling story was on the news last week.

The story was about a group “Envision” who are collecting bottle tops to be recycled to make prosthetic limbs for children.

Here is a link to the group and news story.


Can you write a children’s poem on the theme of recycling?


Please send in poems this week to




Quote for today

“First Fruit” by Stephanie Boase


First Fruit

There’s a custard apple growing

On the custard apple tree!

The first fruit ever it bore.

I’ve watered and mulched

Since we planted it there

Two years ago, maybe more.

So oft have I searched 

For flowers and form;

A sign of a first fruit, fair.

But naught did I find

But a flower or two

That very soon wasn’t there,

Leaving nothing to show

But leaves, and so

I’ve waited as seasons slipped by.

When, to my disbelief

Hiding behind by a yellowing leaf, 

On the end of a drooping twig, I spy

A fist-sized, first fruit, fair! 

Perfectly formed and ripe to eat,

A custard apple growing just for me.

The first of many yet to come.

Thank you, thank you

Custard apple tree!

“WHOSE VEGIE IS WHOSE?” by James Aitchison

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If your name is Elsie Babbage,

You’ve no choice — just eat cabbage.


If your name is Arthur Ellis,

Pick green beans from a trellis.


If your name is Roger Lovell,

Dig vegies with a shovel.


If your name is Charlie Cato,

You’ll only eat potato.


If your name is Betty Barratt,

You’re destined to eat carrot.


But if your name is Russel Proust,

Sorry — you’re stuck with Brussels sprouts!

“Absolute Zero” by Celia Berrell

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Molecules and atoms all

vibrate to Thermo’s beat.

Their energy’s identified

by measuring the heat.


Like line-dancers they stay in form

and keep their solid state

when Thermo’s music’s playing cool

and doesn’t change its rate.


By turning up the temperature

they break-dance out of line

and move about as liquid to

our Thermo’s up-beat time.


And when it’s hot they leap about

like maniacs with jazz,

escaping from their dance floor as

they change into a gas.


The winter in New Zealand can

be beautiful with snow,

a solid state of water which

is icy H2O.


And as the sunshine heats it up

its molecules go hip

and melt into a liquid that’s

in puddles, pools and drips.


Now pour some water in a pan

and heat it on a stove.

You’ll see the bubbles forming

then escaping in their droves.


We know that’s steam or vapour

that is wafting from the pot.

You’ve witnessed water’s three-phased states

from freezing, warm and hot.


When solids change to liquid form

it’s called their melting point.

That temperature is different

for different elements.


Hot volcano temperatures

can melt Earth’s crusty rock

while Nitrogen on Triton’s only

found as gas or frost.


Elements and compounds can

exist in different phases,

solid, liquid or as gas.

It varies as heat changes.


And out in space those temperatures

can really be extreme

from freezing void to hottest sun

and all that’s in between.


But even in our universe

the coolest it can go

is measured as one Kelvin,

never Absolute Zero.


This name describes the temperature

where atoms fail to move.

If Thermo turned their music off

they couldn’t even groove!

“Monster Veggies” with Teacher Notes by J.R. Poulter



Veggie Monster – teacher notes –

Activity – Class debate on “Advertising and Prime Time TV, Their Role in Demonising Vegetables” 

Activity – Make up an advertising campaign to popularise vegetables. Research TV advertisements and  prime time TV shows to see what sort of food is promoted and how. I can think of one popular TV soapie, which has its cast eating pizza and drinking beer in most episodes. What does this say to young viewers. 

Note what sort of advertisements come on between 4.00pm and 8.00pm, the time many children, families and young folk would be watching TV. How might you use your campaign to change this?

Activity – Make up recipes with vegetables as the main ingredients – they must be delicious enough that YOU would want to eat them! If there are any vegetarians in the class, ask them to be a consultative panel and to judge the result of the class cooking attempts to make veggies into taste tempting foods! 

Activity: Australians have ‘adopted’ vegetables from all over the world.

Create a world map and  paste labels bearing the names of common vegetables used in Australia on their countries of origin.

 Activity: Are there vegetables that are native to Australia? Study the  foods grown and gathered by various Aboriginal groups. If possible, invite a local indigenous leader to discuss with the class the native foods they used and how they prepared them.

Prompt the Prompt

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Good Morning.

I’m needing to prompt the prompt this week. How about we change it to any poem about Africa/The Jungle/Jungle animals. If you have any in your files on these topics and would like them on the site please send in.

Please send in poems to





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It is raining in Krakow.

In Kazimierz the stones are weeping.

These old streets once knew steel and boots.

Bewildered children watched men with

beards and braided locks shuffle by.

Death rode in their eyes.

The streets lament their passing.

Who will pray in empty synagogues?

There was hope in Lipowa Street.

A man named Schindler ran a factory.

And at the Eagle Pharmacy,


It is still raining.

Put a stone on a grave.



“Brassica Bonanza” by Celia Berrell

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Brassica Bonanza

(Brassica oleracea)


The humble wild cabbage

named Brassica o

looks more like a weed

than the veggies we know.


Through breeding (like dogs)

to enhance special traits,

there’s more than one

Brassica o on our plates.


Selecting big leaves gives us

Kale, Collard Greens,

while breeding big buds

grows the cabbage we’ve seen.


Exaggerate flowers and

what have we got?

Some huge heads of Broccoli

served steaming hot.


Those cream Cauliflowers

are Brassicas too.


And so good for you!