Prompt #20 National Science Week

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The theme of National Science Week is “Destination Moon: More Missions, More Science”

If you have any poems on file on this please send today and I’ll get them scheduled for Science Week.

Please share the posts this week with as many teachers as possible.

Please send in poems this week to



Quote for today


“Polly Rules” by Julie Cahill

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Polly Puss sat on the fence

sailing with his fate

Until the day the farmer opened up the farmyard gate

The sheep went out

the cows came in

which left Puss quite bemused

addressing those then left to listen

before access was closed

Alpca stretched their long necks longer

their ears pricked to his chatter

‘It matters that the sheep were led;

that cows made all that clatter

This fence is the dividing line

thin as this here whisker’

Pussy plucked to prove his point

which drew a nasty blister

‘But anyway, I rule the roost

from here, this narrow line

So just stay put you woolley herd

alpacas will be fine

You know, the gate was opened

so the tractor could pass through

Those beasts weren’t meant to cross the fence

The system’s gone askew

The grass is never greener

on the other side, you see

Those sheep and cows will end up

on the farmer’s plate for tea.’

“Cat on a post” by Toni Newell

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Cat on a Post


“What is that?” The young Alpaca asked

Looking at a creature on the post,

And the others just stared in amazement,

Not wanting to get very close.

“I don’t know” the mother answered,

Whilst stretching her neck out longer,

All ears were pricked and eyes just stared,

At this creature, whose stare was stronger.

“I’m a cat chasing a mouse” ,  it said

“When through this fence it scurried,

And I was unable to follow it,

No matter how much I hurried.

The mouse disappeared into the grass,

And up this post I ran,

Looking far across this field,

At least that was my plan.

And then you interrupted me,

By standing in my way,

Asking each other silly questions,

Whilst I lost sight of my prey”.

The Alpacas’ were stunned at this outburst,

And there was nothing left to do,

But turn around and wander off,

Leaving the cat to stew.

“Mobility Ability” by Andrew Carter

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Mobility Ability


Milk bottle lids are truly tops

For all the haves and have nots.

3D printed hands – picture the vision

Prosthetic limbs now fit with precision.


Milk bottle lids benefit other kids

From overseas – here at home as well.

Farmers need sales; let’s milk these lids

A million saved already – see them swell.


Lids for 3D printing – what a fundraiser

For people needing hands, we can save ya!



“Recycled Water” by Celia Berrell

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We’re 10cc’s of water and

although the Earth’s our base

we recently went travelling

up there – in outer space.


An astronaut had drunk us

just before his rocket ride.

And so we were the stowaways

that hid in his insides.


Meeting different molecules

we made a lot of friends.

With some we only mingled

while with others we held hands.


While staying in the astronaut

we all kept nice and warm

and floated round inside him and

explored his body’s form.


Eventually he moved us out.

So off we raced in glee.

With other friends I think we were

all classified as pee.


We found ourselves inside a box

with membrane walls all new.

Its holes were just the perfect size

for water to get through.


We said goodbye to all our friends

as they were far too fat

to wriggle through those membrane walls

and join us for a chat.


Now squeaky clean we hung around

inside some holding pen.

Until we found ourselves inside

the astronaut again!

“Polly Nation” Julie Cahill

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We’ve just installed a bee hive

in our garden – what a fright.

Well, that is what I thought when bumble bees came into sight.

I’d squeal and flap my arms around-

‘Don’t come next to me.

Get out of our garden, you’re spoiling dolly’s tea.

Polly put the kettle on,

we’ll scare them off with steam.’

It didn’t work and all I did was run and hide and scream.

But Mum and Dad explained my fear

which swiftly flew away.

‘Bees are good ecology,

ensuring coming days.

Busy workers demonstrate the ethics of hard work,

collecting pollen from the flowers-

the spreading is a perk.

Without the buzzy, fuzzy mites

we wouldn’t have our food.’

And being as I love my grub,

‘That would be mighty rude.’

“The Lion King” by Toni Newell

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The Lion King


A lion

Is known to be tough,

But cheated by family,

Is certainly rough.

The rough and the tough,

Come together to be,

Simba, the lion cub,

In this touching story.


The loss of his father,

Is devastating,

And the guilt served by Scar

Convinces him,

To leave The Pride Lands,

And a new life begin.

He meets new friends,

Along the way,

Who come under threat,

On this particular day.

Nala, his past love,

Has them in her sight,

But Simba intercepts,

And saves their plight.

In love again, from her he hears,

What Scar has done,

And they decide to return,

To where it had all begun.



He challenges Scar,

With the support of his friends,

In an effort to reclaim Pride Lands,

But Scar does not give in easily,

With the Hyenas he takes his stand.

They fight a battle and Simba wins,

When Scar begs for his life,

And offers to betray the Hyenas,

Who are now in strife.

Simba agrees on the condition that,

Scar leaves Pride Lands forever,

But Scar has one last thrust at him,

Which ends up not being clever.

He survives the fall and stands to meet,

The Hyenas who overheard all,

And Scar thus meets his maker,

Leaving Pride Lands once and for all.

Simba and Nala now return,

Accompanied by their friends,

And reclaim the reign of the kingdom,

Where this story almost ends.

But the real end to this story,

Which makes it more the merry,

Is Simba and Nala sharing their news,

Showing their new cub to the assembly.