“Exhilarating Spring” by Toni Newell



Exhilarating Spring


Daffodils and jonquils,

Herald in the Spring,

Wattle trees in flower,

Fruit trees blossoming.


Birds begin to build their nests,

Weather’s getting warmer,

The farmer sows his seeds,

And the days slowly get longer.


Dormant plants begin to grow,

Snakes, come out of hibernation,

The winter blues are shaken off,

It’s pure exhilaration.

“YoYo” by Marque Dobrow

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I had a little yoyo,

It travelled up and down;

Courtesy of a reel of string

I twirled it round and round.


Every day I walked the dog

and journeyed round the world.

I’d create a baby’s cradle

And make loop to loops unfurl.


I’d forward pass and go over the falls

And produce a man on a trapeze.

Then hop the fence and go around the corner,

Whilst the throwdown was done with ease.


On other days I might do the sleeper,

Skin the cat and reach for the moon.

Go into a time warp or gravity pull,

And then breakaway by noon.


Where is my little yoyo now?

It still twirls round and round.

A young lad bought it at my garage sale

And took it out of town.

“Spirit of the Wolf” by Jan Darling


Spirit of the Wolf



The child sat still at the Wise Man’s side, her hand upon her chin

‘What is it that disturbs you, child?  What struggles are within?’

The child, wide-eyed, sized up the Man and whispered ‘What’s your name?

The Wise Man answered with a smile ‘I am who I became’.


‘What do you mean?’ the child replied ‘you arewho you became?

Aren’t you the same as yesterday – or is this just a game?’

‘It’s Life, my child, and that’s no game – it can be good or bad

You live it happy if you’re kind – or you can live it sad.


‘We each are one, but also three, there’s Dark and Light and Me

I am the Heart who works with love and the thief who cheats it free.

I am the Spirit of the Wolf – a prowler of the Night

By day the body still is Wolf – and yet the Soul is bright.


‘They’re part of every choice you make, to hinder or to help;

They wind you up, they let you down, they whimper or they yelp;

They’re always fighting for your Will, they both set out to win;

But one day You will win the match and welcome both within.


‘One Wolf is dark and angry, he snaps and he is mean

He sees the worst in everyone and often vents his spleen.

He’s selfish and he’s envious, he sneers at weakness too,

When he is loosed your friends will ask Is this really you?


‘One Wolf is soft and caring, his every act is kind;

He loves the world and all therein – with balm his soul is lined.

His days are filled with joy and love and tender-hearted care

He’s careful to live in peace, with everyone he’ll share.’


The child was quiet and then she asked ‘Do I have Wolves in me?

If there’s a place where they’ll be friends – will you give me the key?

I’m sometimes very angry, I stamp my foot and scream

And other times I feel so good, it’s like my life’s a dream.


‘I don’t know why I have these moods, they make me feel so funny

I don’t like grizzly grumpy days – I’d like to make them sunny.

How can I have my Wolves be friends? How can I make them happy?

I’d like them to help me be myself, the self who’s never snappy.’


‘That’s good my child because, you know, it’s all to do with diet

The Light Wolf solves your problems by thinking in the quiet,

He turns your actions into food that never causes pains

He helps with resolutions so all can count the gains.


‘The Dark Wolf fights against success, he hates to live in peace,

His job is to confuse you, so your anger will increase;

He feeds on your frustrations, your pain is his dessert,

He’s never ever hungry when a friend he makes you hurt.


‘Dark Wolf is ever prowling though the mazes of your mind,

When he’s in charge your kindest act is always undermined.

He feeds on negativity and loves to see you fail

When you feel strong, he cackles, convincing you you’re frail.


‘No stronger than the Light Wolf, but he can strike you dumb

He strokes your ego daily making out that he’s your chum;

He doesn’t want to help you, he’s looking for the nerve

That captures soul and psyche so he alone you’ll serve.


‘So, Child, I cannot tell you more, for each of us must choose

To find our ways in Light or Dark – our acts our souls infuse.

Our Wolves both hunger for success, and each does fight with zest

It’s up to you to choose the Wolf whose diet fits you best.


‘We change each day through what we do, what acts of love we offer

We live our lives within this love that we do freely proffer.

Each day we change, we snuff the spark – or fire we do reclaim

Tis thus I know for certain that I am who I became.’


She looked at him as still she sat, her hand upon her chin,

She looked as though she wrangled with two Wolves who fought within.

‘Which Wolf will win this fight?’ she asked ‘Which Wolf will now succeed?’

‘The Wolf who eats the most’ he said ‘the Wolf that sates his greed.’


‘And if I starve him of his food, if no lie I ever tell..

Will he starve and shrink and shrivel up, consign himself to hell?’

‘He will do that’ the Wise Man said ‘and you’ll have done your duty

To make a world of gentle Wolves who love you for your beauty.’

“Kitty Says!” by   By J.R.Poulter with Teacher Notes

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Kitty Says!    



They’ve got you long necked lambkins,

You’re properly boxed in, hey!

Don’t you wish you could be me,

No fences bar my way!



As you can see, we have been shorn,

We feel so light and free!

When do you get clipped and snipped?



I DON’T! They let me be!


Teacher Notes

Same and different


Can the students pick elements that are the same and elements that are different relating to Llamas and cats?

Both animals are ‘Domestic’ animals. What does this mean?

Both animals have thick fur.

Llamas are shorn for their wool, much like sheep.

Cats are not.


Cats are carnivorous. What does this mean?

Llamas are herbivores. What does that mean?


Whilst Llamas can certainly jump lower objects, the fence in the picture is too high for them to jump.

The cat, however, has had no trouble jumping up onto the post!


Activity: what do you think the cat might be saying to the Llamas and what do you think the Llamas might be saying back? Discuss.

Activity: Write a short skit to act out in class, with parts for the llamas and the cat.


Activity: There is another word that sounds like ‘Llama’ but has a variation to spelling and with a different meaning. What is that word and what does it mean?

Activity: The word ‘cat’ can have other meanings. It can refer to a ‘cool’ or ‘hip’ person or to a person whose behaviour that is catlike (‘catty’ ‘cattish’ or spiteful, mean). Write a sentence that uses the ‘cool’ meaning for ‘cat’ and another sentence that uses the ‘spiteful’ meaning for ‘cat’.

“Count up to spring” by Katherine Gallagher

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Count up to spring,

it’s time to sing

with wattles golden, bright

and magpies – what a sight

as you’re walking through the bush –

such a perfect hush

and you want a lyrebird to surprise you

along with maybe, a kangaroo.


© Katherine Gallagher

“Farmyard Friends” by Penny Szentkuti

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Farmyard Friends


Fleece short and soft,

A lamb wriggles its tail,

Running behind its mother –

Me too! I’m coming!

Yellow fluffballs

Among sturdy bustling chooks.

Rooster struts –

Don’t fret! There’s plenty for all!


Following the trail of leftovers

Roly poly piglets snuffle

In a patchy pink parade.

Eating! Yum!

Noses twitching, ears pricked,

Dogs on duty, tails stiff –

Someone’s coming! Woof!