“A Night to be Remembered” by Toni Newell with Teacher Notes

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I sneaked into a toy store,

And hid in a cubby house,

There I waited patiently,

As quiet as a mouse.

Finally the lights went off,

I heard the back door slam,

I crept out of the cubby house,

And now, here I am.

I look around the many shelves,

And see a teddy bear,

He opens his eyes slowly,

They look at me and stare.

I move a little closer,

And he holds out a paw,

I put my hand out in return,

And shake his paw of straw.

Then I see Donald Duck,

He’s quacking, on the floor,

Waking up the other toys,

Which were all asleep before.

There is quite a commotion,

As Thomas blows his whistle,

Barbie struts her fashion,

The goat tries to eat the thistle.

Then lego pieces start to move,

And form a winding bridge,

Hermit and me with others,

Cross to find a quaint village.



There we come upon an elf,

Who’s dressed in green and dancing,

We all join in, holding hands,

All singing and laughing.

Now the bear starts to perform,

Then ‘Superman’ flies in,

He tries to keep us all in order,

Whilst the games finally begin.

All the animals on the farm,

Are now roaming free,

The cows and pigs and sheep and more,

Have this pent-up energy.

They start to run around the shop,

Making lots and lots of noise,

Running into the furniture,

And many other toys.

They run until exhausted,

When finally they stop,

Allowing me to hug them,

And pat their furry top.

All at once I feel I’m moving,

How can it possibly be?

I hear a voice which won’t stop calling,

I’ve been dreaming; my mum’s calling me.


Teacher Notes by Jeanie Axton

Watch the film clip below on “100 Years of Toys”


  1. Discuss the differences between toys 100 years ago and now
  2. Write a list of toys that were popular then and are popular now Eg scooter
  3. Think about your favourite toy presently
  4.  Create an Acrostic describing your toy and share with a group





















“Watercolour” by Virginia Lowe

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Saffron and rose madder

sea-sheet reflects

in symmetry the sky

On this burnished brightness

waves encroach

Leaden opaque they flow

zinc white against

the watercolour’s glow


A vision or a concept

beckons bright

But words

which seemed so clear and pure

across it spread

do nothing but obscure

“Water fight” by Jenny Erlanger

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Water fight

My father is fighting the water

but some of it’s gone up his nose.

My sister and brother

and even my mother

are soggy right down to their toes.

They’re starting to sound pretty angry,

I’ll have to give in, I suppose

but I know for a fact

that I can’t be attacked

if I stay on this end of the hose.

This was first published in “Play” (Paper Dart Press, UK 2018)

“Creating Poetry” by Toni Newell

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Creating  Poetry

Some wear their heart on their sleeve,

Whilst others invest in words,

Sometimes in the form of poetry,

Allowing themselves to be heard.

Taking the opportunity,

To sift through muddled thoughts,

Seeking a type of clarity,

Words on a page that are caught.

Then harnessing the words,

Forming some sort of order,

Making sense of them all,

Before gluing them together.

And, when it is finished,

Words cast in cement,

Sentiment and message delivered,

Produce a passage that’s relevant.

“Hidden Writing” by Andrew Carter

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Hidden Writing


Some write with pleasure since young,

Some find writing homework a chore.

Some don’t write much at all

Or, write later in life when they’re bored.

Writing is a hidden gift for some,

Late bloomers are like a late flowering flower

Some are just blooming late,

having doubts from the start until,

they finish with flourishing power.

“A Recipe For Dew” by Celia Berrell

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A recent rain

to quench and share.

A cloudless night

to cool the air.


The slightest breeze

to chill on cue

the grass and leaves.

Here comes the dew.


The stage is set

for dawn’s sensation.





on grassy stems

are rainbow-sparkling

water gems.


first published in CSIRO’s Scientriffic magazine No 85, July 2013

“What will I write of next?” by Jeanie Axton



The pen flew up in the air

A pencil followed next

the stapler did a little jig

across the writing desk


The ruler stomped his wooden feet

A window opened wide

Then all the pretty writing paper

rose up and blew outside


The writer sat and pondered

What will I write of next?

With all this chaos going on

here on my writing desk