“Hope” by James Aitchison

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Hope is the tiny flame

That flickers inside us all.

The flame that burns brightest

In times of fear and defeat.


Hope is the thread

That binds our hearts and souls.

Hope can be seen in the vast ocean;

The highest mountain;

The valley green;

The flowers bursting new in spring.


Hope is inside us all;

Hope is all around us.

All we have to do is touch it

And hope will do the rest.

“Louis, the Giraffe” by Toni Newell

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Louis, the Giraffe


Louis looked down from the tree,

Which he had climbed in fear,

Looking at a little mouse,

Who appeared to be too near.

He hugged the tree with all his might,

Too frightened to climb down,

The mouse just calmly stayed there,

Not moving, making no sound.

The mouse looked up at the giraffe,

Who was clinging to this tree,

And asked, “What are you afraid of?

You’re four million times bigger than me.”

Louis moved a little higher,

Wishing the mouse would leave,

So that he could climb back down,

And his self-esteem retrieve.

The mouse got bored and scurried off,

Leaving the giraffe alone,

Louise quickly climbed down the tree,

And galloped all the way home.

“Tower Power” with a link to live science by Celia Berrell

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A group of giraffes 

is called a tower.


Each day, they sleep 

for less than an hour.

They’ll munch on leaves 

from acacia trees,

while ear-flicking flies 

in savannah’s breeze,

reaching up high 

with grace and ease …


giraffes shouldn’t need 

to climb those trees!


Teacher Notes

Link to live science



“Rumble in the Jungle” by  Julie Cahill

As if I wasn’t tall enough
As if I couldn’t see
My neck is an extension
By still I climbed the tree
They called me Nosey Parker
But my nose is small and round
It’s just, I heard a rumour
Earth is spinning off the ground
It’ll spin right off its axis
If we don’t produce less gas
Not the sort you think I mean
As that is really crass
Excess carbon emissions
Are turning up the heat
Already in my jungle home . . .

It’s too hot for my feet

“Give Blessings” by Toni Newell

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Give Blessings


Bless the firemen and volunteers,

Who fight for us when we’re in trouble,

Who risk their lives unselfishly,

Encountering flames and often rubble.

The work is hard, very physical,

The stress and adrenalin unseen,

The task at hand very demanding,

And it’s all in, nothing in-between.

They are the unsung heroes,

Who give hope to everyone,

We should honour and appreciate,

Everything they do and have done.

“Fire, Fire” by Toni Newell

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Fire, Fire.


It’s getting hot,

The sun is out,

Wind is blowing,

There’s smoke about.

Temperature’s high,

Warnings given,

Firemen out,

By fires are driven.

Communities gathered,

In support of all,

Souls are united,

To cushion a fall.

Let us pray,

That all is well,

And we can return,

No tragic story to tell.


“The Bushfire”  by Julie Cahill

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Someone lit a bushfire
in scrub, all dense and thick.
The thought of creatures struggling, made me really sick.
Houses too were threatened, human lives as well . . .
but when we heard the sirens
stress and worry fell.
The firetrucks, they went herbing past
with firemen clinging on
Men and women- don’t know names-
broke out into song.
‘We’ll dose that fire with hoses;
we’ll put out all the flames.’
The engines flashed a brighter red

Our bushlands have been saved.

“Helping Hands”  by Celia Berrell

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Helping Hands


Terrible things can happen,

that tear our lives apart.

They’ll rip at our roots,

blacken our view

and scorch into our heart.


Possessions then no longer

are things to which we cling.

Instead we’ll grasp

those helping hands

where love and hope can spring.