“Mother of Invention”  by Celia Berrell

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Neo-natal humankind

is ceaseless of enquiring mind.

With science and technology

the stopper’s out dynamically.


From fire to furnaced energy

from steam to electricity.

We modify genetically

and glean the stars effectively.


We can’t slow down

this gain in pace.

The fascination’s

well in place.


Much to learn,

with good intention,

drives this mother

of invention



This poem was inspired by the crayon drawing Origins of the Future by Sharon Davson.

The poem was published in the Canadian school Textbook Nelson English 10 in 2012


“Peace by Piece”  by Celia Berrell

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Peace by Piece  

The world is getting smaller

and it’s breaking into bits.

Let’s put it back together

peace by piece

the puzzle fits.


Repairs can all be tended

by the tiniest of friends.

As working altogether

peace by piece

the puzzle mends.



This poem was inspired by the painting Together We Can by Sharon Davson.

The poem was published in the Malaysian school textbook English Form 1 by Pelangi Books in 2016

“The Beauty of it All”  by Celia Berrell

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The Beauty of it All

All we can touch, and all we see

began in cosmic history.

How long ago came things to be?

Perhaps it was infinity.


All our surroundings hold in store

the clues to what has gone before.

A fascination long prevails

to understand time’s every tale.


Our tiny Earth holds precious gifts

as through the universe it drifts.

With organisms varied, rife,

are we alone in having life?


This special form of energy

enduring in its frailty,

bestows such beauty, all admired,

intelligence is awe-inspired.



This poems was inspired by the painting Called Away by Sharon Davson.

The image and poem were published in the Australian school textbook Macmillan English 7  in 2011

“Choosing Shoes” by Pat Simmons

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Choosing Shoes

Gum boots when it’s raining

Sports shoes when I’m training

Sparkly shoes for dancing

Riding boots for prancing

Sandals for a summer’s day

High heeled shoes for dress up play

Then sadly comes that time of year

When Mum says, ‘Let’s go shopping dear.

Your feet keep growing, time to choose

A nice new pair of (yuk!) School Shoes.


Wollemia Nobilis – A Native Aussie Pine (and magical Christmas tree!) By Louise McCarthy

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One night a magic happening – our Christmas tree grew tall.

It was a tiny sapling – we’d sat nearby the hall.

The Wollemia NoblisA native Aussie pine.

The miracle of Christmas – a tree that I could climb!


Ignoring the traditions, I quietly jumped with glee.

I left my parents sleeping and shimmied up that tree.

Through the hallway ceiling, past the chimney top.

Distant church bells pealing – my watch showed 6 o’clock.


Sparkly decorations: silver, red and gold.

Angels sang ‘The First Noel’ – the start of Christmas told.

This Christmas tree so magical – had brought me to the morn,

It brought me to year, the day – when Jesus was just born.


I touched the Christmas tree star, now above the cloud.

I noticed, as I looked around – a stable and a crowd.

So there I was a visitor, upon this special day,

And the only gift I had – was a drum on which to play.


So while others danced and sang, I quietly played my drum.

In ore I watched this holy scene – then I heard my Dad and Mum.

They were climbing up the tree, exclaiming with delight –

“After all these years our native pine has finally done alright.”

“Christmas Questions” by Toni Newell

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Most of the Santas I have seen,

Have been rather round,

Long white beard and moustache,

Peaked hat pointing to the ground.


But then it got me wondering,

How down a sooty chimney does he fit?

And when climbing out the other end.

Wouldn’t his clothes be covered in it?


Wouldn’t the soot leave a trail behind?

Which everyone could see,

Proving that Santa Claus had been,

And returned back via the chimney.


I wondered where the reindeers parked,

Whilst waiting for Santa’s return,

Was it outside the house he was visiting?

About Santa, there was a lot to learn.


So many questions come to mind,

But in the end, does it matter?

Because Christmas is about family,

Love, sharing and being together.

“Change at Christmas” by Monty Edwards

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When Christmas goes commercial,
We really lose the plot
And make this special season
Some thing which it is not.
We lose the grateful wonder
At Jesus’ humble birth,
Which brought the God of heaven
To join us here on earth.
When Christmas goes inclusive,
We lose a thing unique:
“God with us” in our trials
And gifting joy and peace.
To all who bid him welcome
And let his Sprit in,
He offers full forgiveness
For failure, fault and sin.
When Christmas is discarded
It’s hope we throw away,
For hope in humans only,
Frustrates us every day.
We need a God who’s with us
And will be to the end.
He came to us in Jesus,
As Saviour, Lord and Friend.
  • Monty Edwards

“MERRY CHRISTMAS …. WOOF!” by James Aitchison

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Bow wow, I’ve been a good boy,

For Christmas I’d like a bone.

A bone that’s big and juicy,

A bone I can call my own.


Santa, Santa, I’ve been good,

Look — here’s a ball for the tree.

Come on, Santa, I’m your friend,

There’s no better dog than me!

“Christmas Tree Temptation” by Toni Newell

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They looked so very tempting,

The ball-balls on the tree,

Bright and multi coloured,

They were inviting me.

Some sparkled, others shiny,

Just hanging on the tree,

I jumped up and grabbed one,

And hid it happily.

I was alone in the house,

So, I stole another one,

I added it to my pile,

This was so much fun.

I jumped up for a third attempt,

When I heard the door,

My family stood in front of me,

Whilst I crashed to the floor.

“Billy Joe, you naughty dog”,

My owner yelled at me,

“How dare you take the ball-balls off,

Our beautiful Christmas tree”.

I bowed my head with regret,

And all that they could see,

Was the ball-ball in my mouth,

They laughed and patted me.