“Christmas Patience” by Kylie Covark

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Over in the corner,

Underneath the tree,

There’s a shiny silver present

That is wrapped up just for me.


It’s been teasing me and taunting

For almost one whole week.

I’ll unpick a tiny corner,

And I’ll take a tiny peek.


The sticky tape is tricky,

So, I’ll rip a little more.

Then I’ll put it back right after

Just the way it was before.


Oh no! I’ve pulled too hard!

Silver paper’s on the floor!

My present is exposed

And my mum is at the door!


She’ll be super-duper angry!

And Santa will be too!

He’ll put me on the bad list –

Although it isn’t true…


I really am a good kid;

My Nan says I’m a joy!

I only wanted one small peek

At my new Christmas toy.


My only hope right now

Is to hide behind this chair.

If I stay completely still,

Then my mum won’t know I’m there.


She steps into the room,

And she cries out, ‘You’re so silly!’

I think that I’ve been caught,

But she’s staring straight at Mille!


Patience is a virtue?

I don’t agree with that.

Check all your presents early

And then blame it on the cat!

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