“Ginger Cats” by Toni Newell


Ginger Cats


Ginger cats are different,

From any other cat,

They’re fearless, stand their ground,

And that is just a fact.

Be they short or long haired,

Doesn’t make a difference,

When they feel threatened,

They come to their defence,

Staying very calm,

They don’t run away,

But remain motionless,

Challenging the threat that way.

‘Billy Joe’, my Retriever,

Doesn’t like any cat,

When he sees one anywhere,

He’s only focused on that.

And if it is a ‘ginger’,

I tell him not to toy,

For the ‘ginger’ would eat him alive.

And he’d be a sorry boy.”

2 thoughts on ““Ginger Cats” by Toni Newell

  1. YOu’re right though Toni, though it seems a bit sexist to say it. But the only cats who have come through our cat flap while we are away, and fought with our own cats, have been ginger trouble-makers.

  2. I see them when I am walking Billy Joe and I can’t believe how gutsy they are. Any other cats we come across just take off. And the one in our street has absolutely no fear. I just go up and pat it and it doesn’t even flinch!

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