Poetry Prompt #1 continued

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Good Morning,

Thank you for the poems sent in the last week. I am away overseas from 8/2 to the 23/2. To make it easier as far as connectivity to the internet goes I will schedule poems received last week and any in the next five days up until the end of Febuary.

There will be a new prompt on the 24/2.

We are continuing with the prompt below this week.

How about for the whole of February we write poetry that instills hope into children after the bushfire events. Many of them have witnessed horrible scenes on TV and media and it would be beneficial for them to see the good that has come out of what has been a destructive time.

For example: Here are three prompts. You may have other ideas as well which are welcomed.





Community Groups

Animal rescue groups

Red Cross

Armed forces

One idea here is a thank you poem


New Growth

The new growth happening in our forests


Hope in general

How hope is a reason to continue fighting and believe things will improve.

You may like to pick a particular area of Australia and research what has happened in that area to write your poetry.

Please send in poems this week to




And this weeks thought:

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