“X-Ray” by Marque Dobrow

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X-ray, X-ray, what do you see?

X-ray looking right through me.

Does it mean you see the truth?

More than simply bone and tooth?


X-ray, am I looking fine?

Or am I somewhat in decline?

X-ray, tell me, what’s the news?

Expound to me your point of view.


My body says I’m in good health.

My bank says likewise of my wealth.

X-ray please don’t spoil my day.

Tell me what you see I pray.


I hope you are in gentle mood.

Please reveal something good.

Show to me your photograph,

Allow me now the final laugh.


X-ray, what is this I see?

Can this be the real me?

For lurking deep beneath my skin,

You show, there lies, a skeleton.


“Killi Koala” by Katherine Gallagher

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Killi Koala


Killi Koala

sleeps most of the day


on his mother’s back

as she scampers away


up and down eucalypts

the whole night through


finding special leaves

for them both to chew


©Katherine Gallagher


“The Wright Song” by Monty Edwards



The Wright Song


When William Wright once wrote a song,

We thought the words Wright wrote were wrong,

Since what he wrote was such a scrawl

Wright’s wretched writing fooled us all,

But when he sang his song that night,

What we thought wrong was really right!


“In My Heart” by Kylie Covark


In My Heart


There’s a thank you in my heart

That’s big enough to burst apart,

And bright enough to dim the stars,

And loud enough to hear from Mars,

And grand enough to meet a king,

And sweet enough for birds to sing.

There’s a thank you in my heart

So big, in fact, it’s off the chart.

But for those who risk it all,

My thank you still seems much too small.

“My Pet” by Louise Pocock

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My Pet


I beg my mum for my very own pet.

She winks at me and says “you bet!”


But – it must not purr

Or have soft fur.

It must not bark

Or like the park.


No pets with a beak

That tweet (or shriek).

No pets that peak

Or sneak or squeak.


It can’t have hair;

Can’t need much care;

Can’t be boring;

Mind the flooring!


At the store I search until dark…

Mum’s going to love my new pet shark!


“Valentines Day and all that nonsense” by James Aitchison

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Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

Your nose is too big

And your feet are too.


Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

Your shoes always smell

Like elephant poo!


Roses are red,

Dandelions stink,

I think you belong

In the kitchen sink!


Will you please be

My Valentine?

Your answer is NO?

Well, maybe next time

“A Red Cross summer” by James Aitchison

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They’ve been to every war,

Their cross the sign of care,

Defying guns, saving lives,

We’ve seen them everywhere.


The red cross on a field of white,

(The Swiss flag in reverse),

The Red Cross comes to save and serve,

Through bushfires, floods, and worse.


Where would we be without them

When hope is on the line?

The Red Cross — always there,

The Red Cross — yours and mine!


Teacher Notes

Take time to learn about the Red Cross. They have a rich history and have helped many people and groups in many different situations.

Here is a link to a film clip about the Red Cross in Australia
”It’s a good story”


“Out of Everything Bad Comes Something Good” by Toni Newell

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Our hearts were nearly broken,

Tears welled in our eyes,

As bush and houses burned,

And we all realised,

That the fires were taking hold,

And there was no relief,

The devastation continued,

Almost beyond belief.

Fire-fighters fought on,

As smoke filled the air,

Townships evacuated,

Devastation everywhere.

And in the aftermath,

When things had settled down,

Stock was taken of the loss,

Its magnitude profound.

But out of everything bad,

Comes something good,

And from these fires,

Came brotherhood.

Australians united,

With people from afar,

And many gave generously,

To help relieve the scars


“I love my Dad” by Toni Newell

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My dad is a fireman,

I’m as proud as I can be,

When I grow up in many years,

That’s what I want to be.

He’s out there fighting fires,

Protecting property,

And when I finally grow up,

Well, that is going to be me.

He’s very dedicated,

Goes out there to help others,

Along with his special crew,

Who are as one, like brothers.

They’re selfless and enabling,

As they carry out their calling,

Trained and compassionate,

Stopping the fire from sprawling.

And that may work in cities,

But in the country it is bad,

Containment can be onerous,

And consequences sad.

It is a dangerous environment,

Where a fire can take its own,

Leaving a trail of destruction,

Including families, animals and home.

My dad encounters danger,

Nearly every single day,

And he is my true hero,

There’s little else I can say.