“Mongoose” by Marque Dobrow

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Oh mighty mongoose, your courage I admire:

To write of your deeds I never would tire.

A short-legged creature with a coarse-haired body,

Your coordination is not at all shoddy.


A fierce little warrior who lives in a burrow

You attack your prey as if there’s no tomorrow.

When dealing with rats and birds you are fearless,

And your snake-striking skills make you utterly peerless.


With the means to out-manoeuvre a cobra

It would be a fool who attempted to rob ya.

With reflexes as fast as any rocket

I never would dare to pick your pocket.


Your claws and teeth could de-value my denim;

And you’re never concerned with anti-venom.

But if I sat still and did not provoke you

Would you sit on my lap and allow me to stroke you?


Dear mongoose, from afar you have earned my respect.

I shall praise you and never show any neglect.

For a soul who tangles with snakes oh so avidly,

It’s all just as well you reproduce rapidly.

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