7 thoughts on “Prompt #10 Picture Prompt

  1. Hi Jeane Hope you are well, in all of this. Xx


    Full as a goog. too big a fly Tummy’s gonna pop and me knows exactly why Next time me’s gonna chew me food real well BUUUURPPP . . . . ‘Much, better Knowing you was swell.’

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  2. Dear Jeanie,

    Hello, thanks very much for publishing Mal Kennington Malone. I loved the picture of the young Aboriginal boy running.

    On today’s prompt, I thought I’d send one that’s not about Kermit but it’s about a bullfrog on a log. Had to change it to log for the rhyme with bullfrog.



  3. [Image]

    Sorry Jeanie Couldn’t resist. Lol

    Oh Dolly

    Dolly is a sprout girl, sprouting curly hair. She didn’t eat her crusts but had no need to care. Her curls wove round the fingers of everyone she knew, those snot aristrocrats and those who are true blue. Dolly pouted, smiled and spoke to all those in the dark. She ate a few she’d spoken to, not the brightest spark. But give her sprouts at dinner time, she just turns up her nose, Nips and tucks and shoves them down her silken panty-hose. Dolly is a sprout girl who sprouts her thoughts aloud Sometimes to a sorry few, sometimes to a crowd. Is there any wonder, isolation is in place? But hopefully my Dolly puts a smile upon your face. ??

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  4. Dear Jeanie, I think this week’s prompt was ‘Art’. I’ve been meaning to send this all week, but have only just realised today is Sunday. Here it is anyway – hope you like it. it might speak to kids. Warm regards, virginia Stilled Life All they had once was still life However lively it was stilled French Rousseau’s bunny eating carrots, painted beautiful aesthetically cannot compare with Jackie French’s wombat Smallest Whiskers who eats carrots on video Tweet. Virginia Lowe © 2020 Description: Brick Wall Art Print featuring the painting Rabbit, 1908 by Henri Rousseau Dr Virginia Lowe Create a Kids’ Book createakidsbook.com.au PO Box 2, Ormond Victoria 3204 ph: 03 9578 5689 mob: 0400 488 100 Stories, Pictures and Reality: Two children tell (Routledge 2007) Lines Between Virginia and John Lowe (Melbourne Poets Union 2018) Description: Description: Lines Between front cover

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