“A season of riches” by James Aitchison

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A season of riches 
Gold is growing
in the trees,
and at your feet
in the leaves.
Walk a pathway
dipped in gold,
softest green and
amber bold.
Soon we will feel
winter’s chills,
but autumn first
richly thrills.
                  James Aitchison

“Through the Park” by Katherine Gallagher

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With every step among the leaves,

crackling, golden, orange, brown

you hear the music of the  bees,

you feel the rhythm of your feet;

the slip and slide on crackling grass,

and the colours of the burning trees.


Keep on walking – it’s a treat

to drink the air and sing your feet

in crackling grass as you pass.


©Katherine Gallagher

“Autumn Chemistry” by Kate O’Neil


I don’t want an explanation for
the colour of the trees;
why in Autumn all the leaves
turn brown and red,
but I want to watch them riding on the breeze.

Whether molecules, or hormones or
subtle sleight of light,
I’m indifferent to the cause
of Autumn’s hues,
but trees in Autumn are a lovely sight.

I’ve looked up all the science but
it simply leaves me cold,
while the colours of the Autumn
are so warm.
They blanket Earth in yellow, red and gold.

“Autumn Rainbows” by Celia Berrell



As days grow cooler,

deciduous trees

change their colours

then lose their leaves.


Before they fall,

green chlorophyll’s

no longer made

in autumn’s chill.


So we can see

those leaves unclad,

revealing what

they’ve always had.


Rich-red raincoats


pumpkin patchwork

veins criss-crossed,


flapping honey

leather soles,

and dying, dowdy

paper scrolls.


This autumn rainbow’s

red – gold – brown.

Confetti falling

all around.


Prompt #15 “The Marvellous Toy”

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“It went zip when it moved
Bop when it stopped
Whirrr when it stood still
I never knew just what it was
And I guess I never will”

Good Morning,

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What can you write about the marvellous toy?

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“Autumn Leaves” by Toni Newell


Autumn Leaves


Autumns natural carpet,

Made of falling leaves,

Bold and bright colours,

A tapestry it weaves.

Trees feel  lighter,

Branches open to the sun,

Absorbing its energy,

As sun’s rays rest upon.

Winter fast approaching,

Bear branches await,

The cold and the comfort,

When they can hibernate.