“OCEAN OF POETRY” call by Celia Berrell

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Dear poets,

My dream project each year is to share student poems for Science Week (15-23 August) on the Science Rhymes website.  This year, National Science Week is supporting my call for OCEANS OF POETRY from EVERYONE – not just school students.  Click on the blue links for more details, then submit your poems by 31st July.  I really hope you will join in … and please share this request with anyone you think may be interested.

Snapping Surprises  by Celia Berrell

(beware the globiferous pedicellariae)


Spiky-round sea-urchins

live in the ocean.

Grazing on algae

in graceful slow-motion.


As well as their prickles

providing protection

against hungry fish

they’ve another invention.


Free-floating jaws

that have venomous fangs

can break-off some urchins

like guard-dogs in gangs.


These jaws may be tiny

but fish soon get wise.

They all hate the pain of

an urchin surprise!


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