“The Sound of the Dodo Bird” By Louise McCarthy

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The dodo bird was last sited in the mid 1600’s. It did not fly and lived fearless, wandering

In woodlands around the coast of Mauritius. The nicobar pigeon is its closest existing relative. Fruit is thought to have been part of the dodo bird’s diet. Interestingly the digestion of the bird was aided by the use of a gizzard stone. It existed carefree until becoming prey to invasive species and sailors.





From the Nicobar Islands, the Nicobar Pigeon,

Decided to travel – its one great ambition.


The trip was well planned – by no means capricious,

It would meet cousin dodo on the coast of Mauritius.


But the pigeon from Nicobar was not up to date,

About the extinction – the Dodo Birds fate.


Woo-woooo, woo-woo-woe,

Woe-woe, where-where-why,

What-what, what-what, happened,

Where are you dear dodo?


And the Dodo bird made no sound…



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