“Covid Second Wave Victoria” by Toni Newell


Thinking of our poets in Victoria.

Keep Safe.




It’s only been a week,

Second time around,

Thought it might be easier,

But it wasn’t found.

Adrenaline has gone,

We’ve just settled in,

Now resigned to it,

And the discipline.

Life is so restricted,

Activities are few,

Going for a walk,

A little shopping too.

The rest of the time,

A prisoner at home,

But it’s not that bad,

If you are not alone.

No visitors allowed,

That is the decree,

And that’s okay,

If you’re with family.

It’s very hard for those,

Who do it on their own,

No one around them,

Sitting at home alone.

They too need support,

A little company, 

And in these current times,

A little sympathy.


For those less fortunate,

Being on their own,

Let’s help them to survive,

And be there on the phone.

“The Willie Wagtail” by James Aitchison

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The Willie Wagtail is Australia’s best-loved and best-known fantail.  And that tail wags constantly — side to side — as its owner scurries across the lawn seeking insects for a snack.  Wagtails don’t mind us humans, but aggressively defend their own territories against feathered interlopers.  You can tell the wagtail by its call that’s heard night and day; it sounds like “sweet-pretty-creature”. 

Willie Wagtail


Sweet pretty creature, 

sweet pretty creature,

that’s the sound of your call.

Sweet pretty creature,

sweet pretty creature,

the sweetest call of all.

Sweet pretty creature,

sweet pretty feature,

we love your wagging walk.

Sweet pretty creature,

sweet pretty creature,

if only you could talk.



“Seasons” by Toni Newell

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Winter’s here,

Autumn’s gone,

Next we know,

Spring’s along.

Time just flies,

It’s hard to say,

Which season,

We’re in today.

Winter’s cold,

Frost or not,

Spring is wet

Summer’s hot.

It used to be,

Seasons defined,

But not today,

They seem entwined.

“Ice Floats” by Celia Berrell

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Ice Floats   by Celia Berrell

(the three states of water)


Water is exceptional.

It disobeys a rule.

Its solid form is lighter

than its liquid, which is cool!


Most elements and compounds will

behave with much more sense.

Compared with their own liquid form

their solid form’s more dense.


But put an ice-cube in a drink.

You’ll notice that it floats.

One-tenth above; nine-tenths below.

Like ice-bergs you will note.


These ice-sheets form a blanket

so the water underneath

remaining as a liquid

doesn’t freeze the fish to death.


Imagine how our world would be

if solid water sank.

The Sun could hardly melt it

which would be a deadly prank.


As years went by the ice would fill

the oceans to the top

and life as we all know it

would eventually stop.


Ice-cubes in a drink would sink

and only cool the bottom.

Snowflakes might not form at all!

A thought that’s really rotten.


We owe our life in part to

water’s scientific token,

that rare occasions will exist

where rules are better broken!


“Splat” by Jenny Erlanger




I madly shoo it with my hands.

It still won’t go away.

I’m not sure that it understands

the price it has to pay.


Intent upon its futile quest,

it zooms towards my face.

I’m tired of this invasive pest

inhabiting my space.


It’s had its chance to leave in peace,

but now it’s open war.

This constant bombing has to cease,

I can’t take any more.


It homes in on my slice of meat,

secures a landing spot.

It thinks it’s in for such a treat…

I squash it with the swat!

“Birdsong sounds” by Celia Berrell


Birdsong sounds


We can:

cackle like a Kookaburra,

hoot like an owl,

coo like a dove

or cluck like a fowl.

But some bird sounds

need whistling skills,

to copy Willie Wagtails

or Fairy-Wren trills.

While other birdsongs

are too hard to do –

screeching like Galahs

hurts my voice box too!


inspired by the Birds In Backyards website, where you can listen to 40 different Australian backyard birdsongs:

“Goodbye Teddies” by Toni Newell


Goodbye Teddies


Now life’s almost normal,

And time has moved along,

As I look at windows now,

The teddy bears have gone.

It was so great to see them,

Sitting on the window sill,

Or on the fence or in a tree,

Or wherever was the will.

During this terrible time,

It made us feel as one,

All sharing fear and concern,

The teddy bears were fun.

Thanks to those who took the time,

To share their teddy bear,

It displayed unity and kindness,

And showed  all you did care.