“Why must there be a tunnel?” by James Aitchison

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Why must there be a tunnel?

                 (I’m tired of well-meaning metaphors!)


Why must there be a tunnel,

With light a distant dot?

Light is all around us;

It’s tunnels we ain’t got.  


Why must there be a glass?

Seems strange to measure hope.

Hope is never half or full,

It’s plentiful in scope.


“Bottle Discovery” by Monty Edwards

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Have you ever found a bottle that was lying on the sand?

Did you ever find a note in it and hold it in your hand?

Did you ever, ever wonder, who had written such a note,

As you struggled to decipher what the unknown writer wrote?


Do not worry if you haven’t. It is something rather rare,

Since most bottles found on beaches come from fools, who left them there,

Where some unsuspecting person, that could well be you or me,

Finds them broken, or half buried, in a way that’s hard to see.


If you should find a bottle lying somewhere in the sand,

Get your Mum or Dad to check it, so that no-one cuts their hand,

Or the feet that will be needed when it’s taken to the bin.

So unless you see a note in it, please go and drop it in.


“WHAT THE DINO SAW” by Kate O’Neil

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(in the Library)


Oh no! I can’t believe it.

I’m not in any books.

It’s such a shame because I have

such stunning dino looks.


I know I’m on the small side –

the time warp is to blame –

I shrank across the centuries

I passed through as I came


to see the distant future-

to see how Earth would change.

But what a shock this gives me-

something’s really strange


for all my friends are listed here

but there’s no sign of me.

I’m in a state of crisis

with no identity.


It’s bad enough to realise

the dinos all died out.

But who am I? What does it mean?

I think, yet I’m in doubt.


My world has crumbled round me.

I’ll make this quite succinct-

Instead of never having been,

I’d rather be extinct.


©  Kate O’Neil



“A Journey through the Universe” by Toni Newell

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I am on this journey,

Colliding with the stars,

I’ve passed many planets,

Including Mars.

My mind is just racing,

As I fly on by,

I pass Jupiter,

Before I say goodbye.

I hold on to Saturn’s rings,

Uranus, Neptune are in sight,

I continue to fly on by,

Pluto’s further to the right.

Comets are coming toward me,

I just duck around,

I continue on my journey,

Never touching ground.

I look out to the black hole,

Which I need to miss,

For falling down that tunnel

Would catapult me to abyss.

I turn around, head for home,

Back to Earth for me,

And pass the planets coming back,

And then it’s Earth I see.

I return home again,

And I’m safe and sound,

Feeling very blessed,

As my feet land on the ground.








“Fantasy Pet” by Jenny Erlanger


Fantasy pet


She’s a baby T-Rex and she comes from the past

when the dinosaurs wandered the land.

Having dodged certain death from a meteor blast,

she now squats in the palm of my hand

Unaware she’s the luckiest creature alive,

she cavorts round the yard like a pup.

In my dreams, she continues to grow and to thrive.

In my nightmares, she gobbles me up.