“A Journey through the Universe” by Toni Newell

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I am on this journey,

Colliding with the stars,

I’ve passed many planets,

Including Mars.

My mind is just racing,

As I fly on by,

I pass Jupiter,

Before I say goodbye.

I hold on to Saturn’s rings,

Uranus, Neptune are in sight,

I continue to fly on by,

Pluto’s further to the right.

Comets are coming toward me,

I just duck around,

I continue on my journey,

Never touching ground.

I look out to the black hole,

Which I need to miss,

For falling down that tunnel

Would catapult me to abyss.

I turn around, head for home,

Back to Earth for me,

And pass the planets coming back,

And then it’s Earth I see.

I return home again,

And I’m safe and sound,

Feeling very blessed,

As my feet land on the ground.








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