“Banana on the bus” by James Aitchison

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Banana on the bus


Bananas in a yellow stream

Have tumbled from the bus.

If you eat one and I do too,

There’s plenty there for us.


Bananas falling everywhere,

But where are all the bins?

If we eat ev’ry single one,

Where will we put their skins?

Prompt #29 “A mixed bag”

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Good Morning,

The next two weeks I am on school holidays.

Poems scheduled for this time are a variety of different ones sent in as well as a few past poems.

The prompt for the two weeks is “A mixed bag” which means you can send in anything you want. When Im back on deck next term I will schedule those poems ahead for the Christmas holidays.

There will be a new prompt on Monday October 12th.

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John London was  was an American novelist, journalist as well as a social activist.

“Unbeatable Bananas” by Monty Edwards

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Unbeatable Bananas


Bananas are the perfect fruit –

I’m sure you must agree,

But even if they aren’t for you,

They surely are to me.

They beckon with their yellow skin

And brighten up my day,

A single zip and I am in

To eat without delay,

An orange on the other hand

Will take an age to peel;

Compare banana with its zip.

It’s really quite ideal.


Now you may think an apple best

And even eat its skin,

But you won’t want to eat it all

Since there’s a core within.

A juicy pear will be the same,

With core not nice to eat,

Bananas on the other hand

You can consume complete.

Not peaches though, or nectarines:

You soon will bite on stone!

But no banana breaks a tooth.

Bananas stand alone!



Just try to eat a pineapple,

If no-one’s there but you!

You certainly will need a knife:

A strong and sharp one too!

Before you even get to eat

You’ll need to cut some more,

Since you won’t want that prickly skin

Or eat the central core.

One fruit surely lead the way:

It’s soft, it’s quick, it’s sweet.

No fruit is more convenient,

Banana’s hard to beat!


“Great Grannie’s birthday gift” by Jenny Erlanger


Great Grannie’s birthday gift


Great Grannie has a letter

from a star who’s never met her

and who wishes her the very, very best.


It’s really quite uncanny

that she wrote to our Great Nannie

but I know Great Nannie’s feeling pretty blessed.


We’re amazed (and who could blame us)

that an idol who’s so famous

was prepared to take this break from her routine.


And although I feel no malice,

I am just a little jealous

that Great Grannie’s got a letter from the queen.

“Spring has Sprung” by Toni Newell

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Spring Has Sprung

Spring has sprung,

Nests are made,

Vibrant colours,

Are on parade.

Birds are singing,

Their mating song,

Perfumed breeze,

Is swept along.

New growth,

Fragrant walks,

Grass growing,

On sidewalks.

Winter’s cold,

Now gone away,

The sun is warm,

A beautiful day.

Days are longer,

Lizard ‘Blue Tongue’,

Out of hibernation,

Spring has sprung.


“Spring Cycle” by James Aitchison

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Spring cycle


When winter leaves

Leaves grow again,

Again the buds of spring

Spring into life,

Life takes on a new meaning,

Meaning of course it’s spring.


Spring, when winter leaves

Leaves grow again,

Again the world is new,

New — and freshly scented,

Scented with flowers and hope,

Hope that trouble, like winter, leaves.

“Is Fake News Monkey-business?”  by Celia Berrell

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Is Fake News Monkey-business? 




and being



fake news

is skewing

our rationale.


No more


on things

that are boring.

The dash

to get printed

or famously best,

means stunning

results might

have lied on

their tests.


Then doors,

opened hastily,


a calamity,




and mess!


“Spring” by Margaret Brazzale

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The birds that  graced my garden through Winter’s cold

Now, melodically, spend their time

Calling for a mate among their kind

Or inspecting nest sites new and old.

Thus, has Spring’s renewal unfurled

In my small corner of the world.


                                                            Margaret Brazzale