2 thoughts on “Prompt #28 Picture Prompt “Go Bananas”

  1. Spill of the Narnies Julie Cahill

    ‘Wherefore art bananas? There are none in the shop.’ But someone slipped a message through, ‘Bananas had the chop.’ ‘The chop?’ I asked, confusing fruit with meat in fridge’s chill. ‘The chop that means there art none now. They took a nasty spill.’ ‘A spill?’ I asked confusing milk I’d spilled the other day that spread as far as Africa then turned the other way. ‘The spill occured when someone loaded narnies in his van. And when the door was opened they spilled far from his plan.’ ‘So what you then are saying, they spilled into the street?’ ‘They did indeed and squashed beneath the grocer’s sized 12 feet. Now let me tell you loud and clear Bananas aren’t for sale!’ ‘I haven’t any money. Couldn’t buy them anyhow.’

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