“Unbeatable Bananas” by Monty Edwards

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Unbeatable Bananas


Bananas are the perfect fruit –

I’m sure you must agree,

But even if they aren’t for you,

They surely are to me.

They beckon with their yellow skin

And brighten up my day,

A single zip and I am in

To eat without delay,

An orange on the other hand

Will take an age to peel;

Compare banana with its zip.

It’s really quite ideal.


Now you may think an apple best

And even eat its skin,

But you won’t want to eat it all

Since there’s a core within.

A juicy pear will be the same,

With core not nice to eat,

Bananas on the other hand

You can consume complete.

Not peaches though, or nectarines:

You soon will bite on stone!

But no banana breaks a tooth.

Bananas stand alone!



Just try to eat a pineapple,

If no-one’s there but you!

You certainly will need a knife:

A strong and sharp one too!

Before you even get to eat

You’ll need to cut some more,

Since you won’t want that prickly skin

Or eat the central core.

One fruit surely lead the way:

It’s soft, it’s quick, it’s sweet.

No fruit is more convenient,

Banana’s hard to beat!


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