Prompt #33


What is happening here?

Send in your poems to



Recently I was fortunate enough to have a poem included in an Australian Anthology “TELL ‘EM THEY’RE DREAMING “

As part of the launch yesterday I took a video of myself reading the poem “Wombats Save The Day”

Here is a link (which I hope works) to the film clip

All profits from the sale of the anthology are donated to the New South Wales Rural Fire Service.

The anthology can be purchased on Amazon.

2 thoughts on “Prompt #33

  1. Lovely, Jenny – I really enjoyed it – even though I couldn’t get the volume I wanted from my laptop. Stay safe – Wombatters need to be healthy and alert. How’s this? – we recently moved to Berkeley Vale where we live at 15 (wait for it!) WOMBAT street! I have been out of circulation for nearly 8 months after starting a weekly Bulletin for the Bridge Club to keep members in contact with each other. It grew and grew and GREW until it was a catalogue bridge problems, discussion/lessons, jokes, cartoons, stories and all kinds of trivia. Happily, the club is open again so at least 40 people per session can play. And I’m off the hook I hung myself upon. I found not having time for “me” writing quite irritating but it was very worthwhile for the poor old dears (i.e. anyone older than me) for whom their only measure of time passing is the next game of bridge. So many of them live alone and seldom go out. Well – I shall try to find time to exercise my ekphrastic muscle. I have been stealing a few minutes every week to read your wonderful website. Cheers Jan


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