Prompt #5 “Mooooooo”


Good Morning,

It wasn’t until this morning that I got the idea for today’s poetry prompt. For a time can I encourage you to think Farms. You will find going into any book section in a shop there’s always farm related kids books. We have a tourist farm here in the South East families can visit with children.
Today let’s start with the “Cow”.
A reminder that the prompt goes for a fortnight with poems posted during week days.
What can you write in a poem about this animal that gives us the milk for our coffee every morning!

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2 thoughts on “Prompt #5 “Mooooooo”

  1. Hi Jeanie, I love this prompt. Here’s a poem that’s published in my ‘Cool Poems’. The cows that prompted it were in NZ (a couple of years ago). (Reminder about pen-name, should you use the poem)


    Lined up in a paddock in straight, even rows, (why they’re doing this nobody knows) they form the shape of a perfect square, this fine assortment of dairy cows, glossy and smooth as richest silk, black and white and in-between against a ground of vibrant green – dark, jersey caramel and milk.

    Kate O’Neil


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