“An Outback Christmas” by Kerry Gittins. 

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There is a young emu mob lives around here
who come for a visit at Christmas each year.
We all gather ‘round - friends, neighbours and mates -
as Jack, the pub owner, opens the gate.
It’s Christmas day morn and they strut one by one
up the worn footpath. Inside they come
ruffling their feathers, clacking their beaks.
Glad to be out of the flies and the heat.
Lizzie, Jack’s wife, quickly fills each a glass.
Cool water with ice to quench that thirst fast.
If you’re not careful they’ll drink yours down too,
especially the one that Jack calls Tiny Blue!
Tourists that come for a Christmas up here,
lean back on their stools to make the way clear,
hoping the birds will not peck at their food
or poop near their chairs. Now that would be rude!
Lizzie assures folk that all will be fine.
‘Make no sudden moves. They’ll leave in good time.
They don’t stay for long and really are sweet.
All creatures deserve a small Christmas treat!’
The birds gather ‘round as Lizzie and Jack
open their gifts to reveal a new hat!
One each for Tip, Tiny, Frizzle and Jane,
and sewn on the brim, a patch with their names.
It’s special to be here with these feathered four,
as we all watch the mob heading back out the door.
We follow them shouting with much Christmas cheer,
‘Hip hip hooray mates! We’ll see you next year!’

Friends come in all different shapes and sizes and it’s important that everyone feels welcome during the festive season. Christmas get together Aussie style. 

Based on a true story.

“The Visit” by Pat Simmons

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Cautiously, creeping down the stairs,
carefully avoiding the creaks,
we stop
and take each other’s hand.
At the bottom we tiptoe,
towards the door.
Almost afraid to breathe
we slowly, gently, push it open.
Beneath the twinkling lights
sit the gifts.
‘He’s been,’ we whisper
‘He’s been.’

“Choosing Shoes” by Pat Simmons

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Gum boots when it’s raining
Sports shoes when I’m training
Sparkly shoes for dancing
Riding boots for prancing
Sandals for a summer’s day
High heeled shoes for dress up play
Then sadly comes that time of year
When Mum says, ‘Let’s go shopping dear.
Your feet keep growing, time to choose
A nice new pair of (yuk!) School Shoes.’