“My First Day” by Tanvi 

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Tanvi is an 11 year old student from Melbourne who loves to write. Here is one of her poems which is about Tanvi’s first

day in a new school.

All my things are in a box
My clothes, my shoes and all my socks
I get my hairbrush and brush my locks
Staring into space and cuddling my toy fox
We're moving and that is that
I tug my clothes and flip the rug/mat
My mom comes in and gives me a pat
She says I have a surprise what is that?
I get my things and go outside
All the emotions come in like a tide
All my friends are there for me to confide
I was so happy I almost cried
And I burst with pride
And then I realised
That I had a knot tied
Deep, deep inside
A gush of sadness overcame me
Realising that they would no longer be with me
It was a horrible thing to see
And then guilt ran free
My dad squeezed my hand 
I looked up and had a demand 
To stay here and
Stay on the land
My dad said that I would make new friends
Friends till the end
Friendships to mend
And they would always be my friend
I thought about it, lad
It then seemed rad 
I wrote it in my notepad
Maybe it won't be so bad

“Remembrance Day” By James Aitchison

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What do we remember
On Remembrance Day?
Why do we lay wreaths
And hear a bugle play?
This day marks the end
Of the First World War;
The human race had never seen
A war like that before.
On land and sea, and in the air,
The conflict raged four years;
Millions died, nations fell,
Great empires disappeared.
It’s the day to wear a poppy
With honour, and with pride,
And remember all Australians
Who went to war and died.  

Teachers’ Note:

The Great War ended at the eleventh hour, on the eleventh day, of the eleventh month, 1918.  Sadly, two decades later, the world was at war again.

“Animals and music” by Helen Evans

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There are songs like Pop goes the weasel
And the cow who jumped over the moon
A wonderful picture of that on my easel,
Then there’s the dish running away with the spoon!
I am woken each day with birds in song
It’s often called the dawn chorus
Where many of our feathered friends
Join a cacophony of sound for us.
When I hear a song from the Beatles
I don’t imagine a little beast
The Animals, and many others
Their singing for me is a feast
Then there are classical pieces
Carnival of the animals comes to mind
Peter and the Wolf, The baby elephant walk
Are legends of a different kind.