“A Christmas Table” by Toni Newell

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A ham sat on the table,
It was not alone,
Beside it sat a turkey,
Its origin unknown.
A bowl of sweet potato,
Another full of peas,
Carrots, baked potato,
Enough for all to please.
A jug filled with gravy,
Waiting to be poured,
Broccoli in the centre,
Which cannot be ignored.
A table blessed with offerings,
A scrumptious fare,
A merry Christmas dinner,
A feast for all to share.

“Christmas” by Toni Newell

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The smell of pine needles,
Infiltrates the room,
A reminder that Christmas,
Is coming very soon.
Baubles hang from branches,
Tinsel wrapped around,
Scattered down below,
Are presents on the ground.
The Christmas tree is shining,
A sight to behold,
It’s bright and inviting,
A tradition to behold.

“Reindeer on my roof” by James Aitchison

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Is it hoofs on the roofs
Or hooves on the rooves?
I really want to know.
Or is it hoofs on the roof
Or hooves on the roof,
Please tell me: yes, or no?
Reindeer hooves
Landing on rooves,
Or reindeer hoofs
Landing on roofs —
I don't know which to believe.
But the reindeer don't care
As they fly here and there,
So have a happy Christmas Eve!

“2022” by James Aitchison

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The old year has almost gone,
And what a year it's been!
So much Covid, so much grief,
The very worst I've seen.
And now a new year beckons;
I wonder, what will it bring?
We can't predict the future,
It might hold anything.
But let me say, here and now,
Before the year's begun,
I pray for peace and safety
For you and everyone!