Poetry Prompt #3 “Helpers”

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Good Morning,

Whoops! This post was meant to arrive to you yesterday. Got the date wrong. Im sorry.

In the recent flooding we have seen on the news it’s good to see how people are coming out to help each other.

Last week I saw an article and pictures about animals concerning the impact a flood has on them.

Have a look at these pictures and the link underneath.

What can you write about either humans or animals in a flood disaster?

Send to

Email to poemoftheday.jaxton@gmail.com



Emu rescued from flood waters in the Hawkesbury.
A snake with a frog and mouse on its back working its way out of a water tank.


One thought on “Poetry Prompt #3 “Helpers”

  1. Jeanie, I’ve got a new computer and I’m starting to get your prompts and everyone’s poems. I’ll send you some poems for consideration, soon. It’s so sad to see these semi-drowned creatures. But it’s a great topic for raising awareness.


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