“Turn over a new leaf” by James Aitchison

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Run out of paper?
Never fear!
There are plenty of leaves
now autumn's here!

Paint a face today,
what a joke,
on a leaf from an elm,
maple or oak.

What leaf will you paint?
Go in search
of a leaf from a beech
or silver birch.

Want to paint leaves?
Never fuss!
Plenty of trees are

“Listening to the Leaves” by Katherine Gallagher

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Hello, my friends. Are we sitting comfortably, 
nice and comfortably, after all that blowing
out in the forest? It’s good to see you: oak,
maple, elm, larch, sycamore, beech –
bright in your autumn colours  . . . And 
there’s room on the carpet for all of us.

It’ll be good to share our stories.   We can tell 
those humans how we like to live and breathe
on our beautiful planet, just like them --
drink lots of water and get food from the soil too,
talk to the birds and other creatures -- just like humans . . .
indeed. . . Bring on the stories, the music – Hooray  . . .