“Who’s Next?” by Jeanie Axton


The Future             

A callout for an incredible opportunity for the “right writer”.

Are you a children’s poet with a passion for sharing poetry and promoting Australian children’s poets and their work?

An enthusiastic volunteer is needed to take over the administration of this popular blog in the next six months starting before January 2023.

After working on Australian Children’s Poetry for five years, I feel the time has come to step aside and hand over to someone new. Next year I will be at times travelling with my husband who has retired.

What will you gain from being the administrator?

You will get to meet, mainly in a digital form, a lot of great writers and learn from them.

You get to read all sorts of children’s poetry and grow as a writer as you read.

You will learn how to determine what’s suitable for children and what is not and make decisions on that.

You get to create prompts which encourage writers to use their creativity to write and send in poems to you.

You will be contributing to the showcasing and promotion of Australian Children’s Poetry in our country.

If you are a writer who publishes books this position would enhance your career.

Here is a link to the site


Basically, what does the administrator’s role involve?

  1. Receiving poems by email and posting the Poem of the Day to the blog. Currently we run the poems on fortnightly prompts with poems posted each weekday during a school year. The site uses WordPress and after a bit of practice its straightforward.
  2. Approving (or trashing spam) comments
  3. Updating the A-Z of Australian children’s poets as required. Instructions are given for this.
  4. Sharing information about competitions and articles about Australian children’s poetry.
  5. Secure Funding for incidental expenses associated with the site. For example, the Domain name through GoDaddy and WordPress Fee. Administrators have either paid these in the past or secured a little funding. I would think there are grants that can be accessed in Australia to help with these.
  6. Networking with poets and taking the website in the direction you think it should go next.

How to apply:

Please send in one A4  page addressing the following

  1. Introduce yourself
  2. Tell me about your writing journey with poetry.
  3. Briefly outline why you would like to take on this role?

Please email to poemoftheday.jaxton@gmail.com



2 thoughts on ““Who’s Next?” by Jeanie Axton

  1. Hi Jeanie. So sorry to hear you’re passing on the baton. You have done such an incredible job and it will be challenging filling your shoes. I for one will miss you. Cheers, Toni

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