“Snowflake Nucleation” by Celia Berrell

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Fabulous flecks

of feather-white fluff

gracefully fall

from a frozen sky.
But moisture and cold

aren’t quite enough

to make water droplets


Most of those freezing

flakes of snow

use something alive

on which to grow.

Those Jack Frost patterns

will only start

when a microbe lies

at a snowflake’s heart.

“Volcanic glass” by Celia Berrell

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Smoky plumes of sulphur fumes,
yellow against those molten rocks,
this scene’s by a volcano
where eruptions haven’t stopped.
Splashing sea with hissing glee
we see where steaming lava ran
into the chilly ocean and
turned to dark obsidian.
The reddest, hottest minerals,
when slowly cooled, turn crystalline.
But liquid rocks are shocked to glass
when quickly cooled by ocean’s brine.