“Farewell, Olivia” by James Aitchison

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Your voice lit the world with song,
And honestly, we loved you.
Fame found you, raised you up,    
But changed you not, it's true...
And then your voice found a cause,
A purpose — lives to save.
A new Olivia we saw:
Undaunted, kind, and brave...
We hear your voice singing still,
Olivia Newton-John.
In Australian hearts you'll stay, 
The girl who's never gone.

“The Library” by Amelia Sim

The Library 

I can’t leave the library without armfuls of tales 
About kings and queens, about sharks and whales 
There’s fantasy and mystery
And biographies and history
Books about crime
That don’t cost a dime
As I carefully scan my book
I cast a quick look
I simply can’t just borrow one
When there is so much to be done
If I am to read the lot
How many can I get how many have I got