“Tasty fruit rainbow” by Virginia Lowe

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Tasty fruit rainbow   Raspbemato Carronge Pearanana Grapple Fejoa smells perfumey in its blue-green skin Aubluegineberry   Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet? Not one   Sample a fruit Vegetables aren’t some? Aubergine is egg plant resembles an egg only in shape coloured indigo like blueberries Tomato perhaps is But all grow as fruit

“Demetrius to Elizabeth” by Virginia Lowe


Demetrius to Elizabeth   The donkeys of Hydra are sure-footed, reliable taking goods from the harbour up steep cliffs to town   Kangaroos in Australia will not carry loads their convenient pockets hold nothing but babies   These unlikely animals at unbeatable speed leap yards at a bound but only on flats   Without animals […]