Celia Berrell


Hi I’m a Science Rhymes poet living in Cairns, Queensland.  I’ve been a regular contributor of verse to the CSIRO’s children’s science magazine Double Helix (and its predecessor Scientriffic) since 2010.  Some of my poems have found their way into school textbooks around the world (Australia, Canada, Ireland, India & Malaysia – so far).  In 2012, through a Regional Arts Development grant, James Cook University Science Educator, Dr Cliff Jackson, vetted over 100 of my Science Rhymes for their educational merit.  34 of these scientifically accurate poems are self-published as Celia Berrell’s Science Rhymes.   The Science Rhymes website is where I share my educational resources, poetic passion and YOUR POEMS about science and nature.

The Beauty of it All was my first textbook published poem.  Accompanied by the painting Called Away by Sharon Davson (which inspired the poem), both feature in Australia’s MacMillan English 7 (2011).  I like how it combines my fascination for science and love of nature with a sense of serendipity.

The Beauty of it all  by Celia Berrell

All we can touch, and all we see
began in cosmic history.
How long ago came things to be?
Perhaps it was infinity.

All our surroundings hold in store
the clues to what has gone before.
A fascination long prevails
to understand time’s every tale.

Our tiny Earth holds precious gifts
as through the universe it drifts.
With organisms varied, rife.
Are we alone in having life?

This special form of energy
enduring in its frailty,
bestows such beauty, all admired.
Intelligence is awe-inspired.


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