Dianne Ellis


I have been writing poetry for most of my life.  One of my first poems was published in the school newsletter when I was nine and I can still remember how proud I felt knowing that other people appreciated my words.  I continued writing poetry and have shared many poems with family and friends over the years, particularly at special times throughout my life.   Several of my poems have been acknowledged in poetry competitions and recently, I was thrilled to gain 1st prize in the Kathleen Julia Bates Writing Competition for my poem The Family Cat.  Since that time, I have written many more children’s poems, with three of those poems listed on this website.  I hope you enjoy reading them.

Over the last ten years, I have also written many children’s picture books and chapter books, with two published:  Rusty Rumble and his Smelly Socks and Rusty Rumble’s Day at the Beach.  www.diannellisbooks.com

I can be contacted through my website and I am always happy to share my writing stories, including why I love to write.


Poems by Dianne Ellis


A Clean Sock’s Dilemma


What was she thinking?

What did she mean?

Throwing me in

when I’m so clean –

here in this cage

the odd one out.

Maybe she’d hear me

if I could shout.


This truly is a terrible crime

to toss me in with sweat and grime.

If I was soiled…in need of attention,

I would love a soaking intervention,

but I’m white, clean and very pristine.

If only I could jump out and be seen.


I’d be returned to my lifetime mate

to be folded together – a blissful fate,

safely tucked in our top drawer

until her feet need us once more.

Nevertheless, I have to be strong,

hoping that wash day soon comes along.


But wait!  The lid’s opening –

Oh no!  My greatest fear –

AAAaaaaaaagghhh! HELP ME!!!



© Dianne Ellis


Jumping Jack Russell

I sit quietly at my desk

gazing beyond the glaze

to the line of weary wears

being whipped by the wintry winds,



A small patched head



again and again…

to a muscular rhythm.


Ears outstretched

like a bird in flight,

face strained,

worried eyes

compelling me

to look his way

as he sings his song:


Here I am…

Look at me…

Yoo Hoo!”


I smile

at the endless energy

of my faithful friend

and open the door.

He shadows my return

to the quiet zone,

sits at my feet


as I sit and write


©Dianne Ellis


The Hungry Possum

I heard a rustle in the night

beyond our fire.

It gave me a fright.

A rounded shape I could barely see

was climbing down a nearby tree.


Its eyes were glowing fiery red –

“You know it IS nocturnal,” Dad said.

“So where does it go during the day?”

“To sleep – in a cosy tree – I’d say.”


The possum landed on the ground

and munched away on food it found.

With pointed ears, it sat quite high

searching for more.

I caught its eye.


I threw some apple near my feet.

It scurried over to such a treat.

When I placed some on my shoe

the possum moved closer too.


It devoured the lot in front of me,

its bushy tail brushing my knee.

Then it leapt on my chair…

into my lap…

It gave me a scare.


It bounded swiftly up the tree…



and stared at me

with my banana in its grip.

All in all – a successful trip!



©Dianne Ellis



4 thoughts on “Dianne Ellis

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  2. enjoyed meeting you as a ‘dipper’ at Austiner. Gave your smelly socks book to a friend’s little niece who loves stories. Hope to see you both again in September on my next holiday.

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