Glenys Eskdale

One of my past lives, as a primary school teacher/librarian, inspired me to enter the world of children’s literature and create a little magic there myself My poems have been published in children’s magazines in Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States.  Recently my poem Hooligan Hounds was  highly commended in the C J Dennis Poetry for Children competition.

In my poetry I like to take tiny slices of everyday life and express them in a way that makes those experiences special. Most of my poems are for children aged from seven to twelve.

Contact Details:

23 The Crescent, Ferntree Gully 3156

Phone: 03 9756 0030                         Mobile: 0414639563


Listed below are three of my poems:-

This is just to say

that there’s soup on the stove.

Stir it, please Jake,

and Amy, you set the table.

Don’t worry,

I’ll be back before dinner.

I am walking

in the red glow of sunset,

after the rain.

I am letting

my feet step in puddles,

if they choose.

Forgive me,

the moist air smelled

so sweet.

© Glenys Eskdale

(Inspired by ‘This is Just to Say’ by William Carlos Williams)

Little Bear and Goldilocks

Winter morning,

cosy kitchen,

porridge burns my lips.


Papa says,  Let’s go for a walk while it cools.

We put on furry coats,

I kick at the frosty grass,

stomp through icy puddles,

and then we turn for home.

The back door is wide open.

My chair is tipped over.

My porridge bowl is empty.


Mama says, Shush!

Run upstairs and change your wet socks.

Up in my bedroom,

curled up on my blue stripy doona,

is Goldilocks.

She lifts up her head, yawns,

stretches her full round tummy,

her full-of-porridge tummy,

Yummy, she purrs.

I fling off wet socks,

snuggle feet into dry ones.

She follows me downstairs.

Instead of porridge for breakfast

I get hot buttery toast with honey.


I lick my lips, and Goldilocks

licks up the drips.

© Glenys Eskdale

Fruit Salad


Rosy apple

shiny round

smooth inviting

crispy biting.



cool as ice

spit out pips

sticky lips.



chop it open

juicy seeds

rosy beads.

© Glenys Eskdale

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