Louise Pocock

Louise Pocock is a children’s poet and author based in Sydney. As a former music teacher and current board member of the Australian Children’s Music Foundation, Louise is passionate about how creativity can enhance children’s well-being. She seeks to inspire and excite the imaginations of young children through her poetry and stories.


Louise has won awards for her poems, which have appeared in magazines and online journals in Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States. Her first rhyming picture book, What Work Do You Do?(Shooting Star Press), was released in 2019.


Louise also serves on the Investment Committee of the Australian Society of Authors.


Poem by Louise Pocock


My Pet


I beg my mum for my very own pet.

She winks at me and says “you bet!”


But – it must not purr

Or have soft fur.

It must not bark

Or like the park.


No pets with a beak

That tweet (or shriek).

No pets that peak

Or sneak or squeak.


It can’t have hair;

Can’t need much care;

Can’t be boring;

Mind the flooring!


At the store I search until dark…

Mum’s going to love my new pet shark!