Pat Simmons

Profile pic for Pat Simmons bioPat Simmons is passionate about children’s literature, especially poetry. She has worked with primary age children for many years in both Out of School Hours Care and museum settings. She has also worked with pre-school children in child care settings and as the instigator of the under 5s program, Mini Mariners, at the Australian National Maritime Museum.

Pat’s poems have been published in anthologies and children’s literary magazines. Her poems and short stories have won competitions in Australia and the UK.

Poems by Pat Simmons

The Visit




the stairs,

carefully avoiding the creaks,

we stop

and take each other’s hand.

At the bottom

we tiptoe,


towards the door.

Almost afraid to breathe

we slowly,


push it open.

Beneath the twinkling tree lights

sit the gifts.

He’s been’, we whisper,

He’s been.’

© Pat Simmons


I’m a black cat

a special cat

a ship’s cat.

I was born on the Reliance

in 1799.

Of all my mother’s kittens

I was the one most fine!

I’m a black cat,

a special cat

a ship’s cat.

I have four snow-white paws

and a white star on my chest.

There are many cats on board this ship.

The sailors like me best.

I’m a black cat

a special cat

a ship’s cat.

When it’s time for dinner

I don’t eat with other cats.

I sit at table with the men.

I don’t care for rats.

I have a special friend

and Matthew Flinders is his name.

He has called me Trim.

I think together we’ll find fame.

I’m a black cat

a special cat

a ship’s cat.

Matthew is a clever man.

He’s sailed all round this land.

He’s given it a name

and that’s Australia – how grand!

Perhaps you have a cat at home.

Is it as fine as me?

Would it like to come on board

and sail upon the sea?

With a black cat

a special cat

a ship’s cat.

© Pat Simmons


Stick insects are so very thin

but will insist on shedding skin,

and even when they grow much bigger

still maintain their sylph-like figure.

© Pat Simmons


An impressive, aggressive iguana

while eating his breakfast banana

slipped on the skin

went into a spin

and ended up flying to Ghana.

© Pat Simmons

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