John Williams

I come from a long line of farmers, being brought up on a fruit farm in the Kurrajong district of NSW. As a boy I used to ride horses bare-back (we couldn’t afford saddles) and build billy-carts and race them down the biggest hills we could find.


When I was 33 years of age I went into teaching. One day I was looking for some suitable poetry for a theme I was doing with my class, but  couldn’t find any. It was then I wrote my first poems for children. I’ve been writing ever since. I mainly write comedy as I like to make children laugh. A lot of my poems have been dramatized on stage.


I have released two (2) books so far, both of which can be found on my website at:


Contact: John Williams at”‘>


Sample of my poems:
John Williams PP The Alligator-page-001
John Williams PP Attack of the Giant Dinosaur-page-001
 Website at:

Contact: John Williams at”‘>

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