Poetry Prompt #42 “Wheels”


Thank you for all the Fur, Feathers and Fins poetry. This week we change direction to the man made. The prompt is “Wheels”

Any wheel, Any where, Any time: kids love to move and wheels take them places.

Last week’s Thursday poem with teacher notes got 400 plus views which is excellent. Please continue to email out the link to this site to your connections with schools and universities etc

If your poem doesn’t get on during a prompt I will keep in a folder for gaps.

Looking forward to your contributions.

Please send to: poemoftheday.jaxton@gmail.com



An event coming up if you are in Sydney:

Dorothea Mackellar Poet’s New Memorial at Waverley Cemetery

On the 24th November, 2017, the Society of Women Writers of NSW, along with donors to the memorial, will gather in Waverley Cemetery at 6pm to ‘unveil’ the substantial marble plaque. This honours the poet, Dorothea Mackellar (1885-1968) with the 8 lines of her most famous stanza from her poem My Country, there for all to see in perpetuity. Her gravesite is close by the ’jewel sea’ of the Pacific Ocean she so lovingly describes.

If anyone does go please send me a photo.


And this weeks quote:

Amy Harmon is a best selling author who has currently written ten books

Experienced children’s poet wanted

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June Perkins wants to hear from you if you are:


1) A well published poet for children who likes to talk about the craft of what they do with adults.


2) Someone who is an experienced panel chair, with some background in either poetry or children’s literature or both.


Please note: If you live closeish to Brisbane that would probably be an advantage, but contact her anyway as she loves hearing from those passionate about poetry for children.

Do email if this describes you and you would like further information!

Queries for these possible opportunities close 25th of February (but the earlier you email me the better)

Contact June at gumbootspearlz@gmail.com

Writers Sought


Just lately I have been advertising for researchers and writers for the Australian Children’s Poetry blog site. As usual, I am keen to receive articles about anything related to children’s poetry (such as teaching poetry writing, compiling a collection, poetry book reviews and so on). But what I am particularly keen on are people who would like to research and write biographies about deceased Australian children’s poets to add to the A to Z of poets.

So, if you are interested, you might like to choose one (or more) of the following poets and get to work. The biographies would include the dates of birth and death and an overview of their life as poets as well as including three of their poems for children (citing publication details). If you can find any pictures (of the poet and/or their books), please send as jpgs.

Here is a list of the poets. Some of them, such as Michael Dugan, wrote exclusively for children; other poets, such as Kevin Gilbert, wrote mostly poems for adults but also wrote poems published in anthologies for children

Clive Sansom
Kath Walker
Ronald Strahan
Colin Thiele
DH Souter
Spike Milligan
Kevin Gilbert
Roland Robinson
Irene Gough
William Hart-Smith
Robert Gray
Mary Gilmore
Eric Rolls
Lilith Norman
Patricia Wrightson
Isobel Kendall Bowden
Ruth Sansom
Geoffrey Dutton
Elizabeth Riddell
Cathy Warry
CJ Dennis
Andrew ‘Banjo’ Patterson
Henry Kendall
Henry Lawson
Barbara Giles
Jenny Boult (also known as MM Bliss)
Daisy Utemorrah
Flexmore Hudson
Michael Dugan

Thanks and hope to hear from you soon!
Di Bates

Opportunities for poets

  • If you are a children’s poet who is keen to visit schools to present writing workshops or to perform, here are three speakers’ agencies you might like to check out:

Booked Out – http://bookedout.com.au/ 
Creative Net – http://www.fordstreetpublishing.com/cnet/  Paul Collins
Speakers Ink – www.speakers-ink.com.au  Helen Bain