“Choosing Shoes” by Pat Simmons

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Choosing Shoes


Gum boots when it’s raining

Sports shoes when I’m training

Sparkly shoes for dancing

Riding boots for prancing

Sandals for a summer’s day

High heeled shoes for dress up play

Then sadly comes that time of year

When Mum says, ‘Let’s go shopping dear.

Your feet keep growing, time to choose

A nice new pair of (yuk!) School Shoes.’


Prompt #29 “A mixed bag”

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Good Morning,

The next two weeks I am on school holidays.

Poems scheduled for this time are a variety of different ones sent in as well as a few past poems.

The prompt for the two weeks is “A mixed bag” which means you can send in anything you want. When Im back on deck next term I will schedule those poems ahead for the Christmas holidays.

There will be a new prompt on Monday October 12th.

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John London was  was an American novelist, journalist as well as a social activist.

Prompt #27 “Spring has Sprung”

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Good Morning,

Thankyou for all the dinosaur and dragon poems. I have scheduled them ahead each day for the next two weeks. Our next prompt is “Spring” which will run for two weeks. The contributions received will be scheduled in the second half of September.

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“The beautiful spring came; and when Nature resumes her loveliness, the human soul is apt to revive also.”
—Harriet Ann Jacobs (An African American slave in the time of the Civil War)