’Wish for wings’ by Stephanie Boase

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Wish for wings

Oh, little bird

Sitting in the tree,

Why do you sit there

Looking at me?


The sun is shining

The air is clear.

Is that another bird’s

Song you hear?


You cock your head 

And listen with care.

Then flutter away,

 Soft wings, on air.


I wish that I 

had wings like you

To glide on the breeze 

Through the sky so blue

’Family photo’ by Stephanie Boase


Family photo

Brush your teeth

Comb your hair

Dress up smart

To look the part

Gather together


Bunch up tight 

Now, move apart

Pick up the children

Brush off the dirt

Everyone still…

This won’t hurt.

Oh no,

Here comes a sneeze!

Look at the camera

‘Smiling please.’



Toilet dash

‘Dinner time!’

Adults chime.

Just one more


“That’s a take!”

All the children celebrate.

Lolly bribes have worked a treat.


Let’s all go out to eat!

Spotlight on Stephanie Boase

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About Stephanie:

Stephanie is head of special education at her school. She is currently on LSL and enjoying writing poetry.


Possums in the Vegie Patch


Possums in the vegie patch!

Stealing radishes at night.

Pulling off the leaves

Munching with all their might.


They didn’t like the basil much

But picked a leaf or two,

Nibbled juicy lettuce leaves,

Then found the radishes to chew.


They must have sent a message out

For friends to come around

And share the tasty radishes

They’d fortunately found.


A radish-feasting possum party

Held at this address!

You’d think they’d clean up afterwards

And not leave such a mess!

‘Pots and Pans’ by Louise McCarthy

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Pots and Pans

In the oldest part of Bygone Town,

You’ll find the restaurant “Pots and Pans.”

It says on the sign above the door:

“Established 1654.”


Staff and owners you won’t see,

And that’s the strangest mystery,

At the restaurant namely: “Pots and Pans”

A business that three centuries spans.


Pots and pans,

Pans and pots,

Lots of pans,

And lots of pots.

Bubbling, boiling,

Bristling, broiling,

Frying, cooking,

Sizzling hot.


Pressures building,

Lids are lifting,

Steam escaping to the air.

Fragrant, fruity, aromatic.

Tempting and inviting.


Knives and forks,

Spoons and splayds,

Saucers, plates and bowls.

Cups and glasses, tall carafes-

Upon oak tables fall.


Flickering flames from candle glow

Casting light on bluestone walls,

Show portraits of the owners gone –

Overseeing work goes on.


Kettle whistles loud and frantic:

Restaurant’s open!

Come on in!

Come on in everyone!

Come and get it! Dinner’s done!


Soups and pies,


Puddings, flans and that’s not all.

Tea and coffee,

Milk and honey.

The cost is just one crown in money.


Concealed by masks and hooded cloaks 

Are ghosts that keep the past awake –

Serving food to present folks

Of whom they won’t forsake.


A warm and homely atmosphere,

Engaging conversations,

Happy, merry, full of cheer;

These – the magic incantations.


“Pots and Pans”- three centuries old. 

No – the owners never sold.

It is a favourite haunt of mine

A charming place – where I love to dine.


‘Don’t forget to visit’ by Louise McCarthy

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Don’t Forget To Visit

I live at “Rose Cottage”, just up the road,

Then round the corner – there is no postcode.

It’s a little bit ramshackle – it has quite a slant.

Before the next storm I must fix it I chant. 

But first I will start with a sign for the gate –

All shiny and new – I won’t hesitate.

Then when that’s up I’ll begin on the cottage,

And my home will be sound when I’m in my dotage.

And I’ll know it by name and I’ll speak of it fondly…

You’ll know where to visit – there’s a sign on the gate…

“Rose Cottage”

Spotlight on Louise McCarthy

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About Louise:

“It is wonderful to have a creative writing assignment to look forward to every week. I thoroughly enjoy writing poetry in my spare time. I find inspiration in every day. But it is the weekly poetry prompt that motivates me to write one poem weekly”

Louise McCarthy. 


Counting Sheep

In the wee small hours I awoke from my dreams,

The bleating of sheep was the reason it seems,

They were outside my window making a racket,

So I rolled out of bed and put on my jacket.


I spoke to the flock assembled outside.

I said “Look I’m really most dreadfully tired.”

But they still remained bothered – so I counted each ewe,

Plus the rams and the lambs – one hundred and two.


“I see what you mean.”  I remarked to the flock.

“One lamb is missing.” – I glanced at the clock.

“It is well after midnight – it should be in bed.”

So for hours I looked. Then I looked in the shed.


And there on a sofa all cosy and snug,

Lay the little lost lamb under a rug,

Just where I’d left it twelve hours ago –

I’d spun it a yarn about sheep in the meadow.

‘Moon in the daytime’ by Kylie Covark


Moon in the Daytime

Oh moon, dear moon, it’s nearly noon,

I hope you disappear real soon.

It’s not that I don’t like your face,

But you should be some other place.

You’re really messing with my head,

Perhaps I’ll just go back to bed

‘The ostrich and the elephant’ by Kylie Covark

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The Ostrich and the Elephant

Since once upon a time, or perhaps even before,

The Ostrich and the Elephant had always been at war.

Whenever there was any fruit that children couldn’t reach,

The Elephant would use his trunk to pick a piece for each.

But Ostrich told them not to use that unhygienic hose.

“Oh! Don’t eat that! It has been picked by someone else’s nose!

My neck is long and agile, and so I will fetch your fruit.

You children shouldn’t socialise with such an oafish brute.”


In Madame Panther’s Day School, which was of highest repute,

The children studied hard to find the cause of this dispute.

But no one had the answer as to what had caused the feud.

Or could explain why two fine chaps would be so very rude.


Wise Queen Nefertiti – the very first zebra to reign –

Called a special meeting for the leaders of the plain.

“We must act,” the Queen began, “this nonsense has to end.

A golden chest for anyone who changes foe to friend.”

The animals all spoke at once: “It simply can’t be done.

That golden prize is priceless, but that price is too hard won.”


Then a silent, sleepy sloth opened up one eye,

“Tell those two that I would like a pillow from the sky.”

“Who is this clown?” The Lion roared, “he only thinks of sleep!”

But Nefertiti turned to him and urged the Sloth to speak.

“The Ostrich and the Elephant are stubborn, tough, and proud.

So, let us send them on a quest to pluck me down a cloud.

Of course, they can’t complete the task. I don’t care what they bring.

To weave a web of friendship, it’s the journey that’s the thing.”


Nefertiti thought awhile then she nodded her assent.

She wrote down the instructions and the royal decree was sent.

Two cheetah cubs then took the scrolls as fast as they could run.

They scorched across savannah sands beneath the midday sun.


The Ostrich grabbed a fishing net. The Elephant, a jar.

They planned to climb a mountain, though it did look kind of far.

They collected their provisions and started on their way,

They walked and talked and talked and walked throughout a night and day.


When they came upon the summit the whole world was in view.

Below them stretched out everything. But here it was just two.


And with sudden intuition, perhaps some magic too,

The Ostrich and the Elephant knew what they had to do.

The secret of their sorcery the world will never know,

But they came back arm in arm with a fluffy cloud in tow.


They went to Nefertiti and they both politely bowed,

Then presented to the Sloth his new pillow made of cloud.

The Sloth could not stop smiling; sleep was his greatest pleasure. 

He told the Queen she could keep the gold chest full of treasure.


The unexpected afternoon had left the Queen quite stunned.

But she declared the gold would make a brand-new friendship fund.

“To foster fragile friendships,” was the fund’s stated intent;

The Ostrich and the Elephant would choose how it was spent.


And so once upon a time they invited every beast

To the most majestic party; the Ostri-phanto Feast! 

Spotlight on Kylie Covark


About Kylie:

Poetry puts a happy hum in my heart. My plan for 2018 is to encourage as many people as I can to find the poetry in their lives. I will continue sharing poetry for children here, and for their mums and dads on my social media accounts @picklesandpords. Thanks for reading!

A Perfect Place to Sleep

Regarding you with such disdain

From on his throne 

Of throw rugs that are

His alone,

He wonders if you’ll

Dare suggest

He moves an inch so 

You can rest.

He shows a claw 

Of warning;

This is his spot 

Until morning.

He is comfy and 

What’s more

There is room there

On the floor.

You sigh and moan

A bit

Then reluctantly

You sit,

And perhaps you’re

Going mad

But the floor is 

Not so bad.

You might even 

Take a nap.

But what’s this? 

He’s in your lap.

He purrs. Pleased

With his leap.

What a perfect

Place to sleep.

‘Mermaids and Monster Trucks’ by June Perkins


Mermaids and Monster Trucks

Monster Truck Boys, Monster Truck Boys

they love to drive their Monster trucks.


Mermaid Girls, Mermaid Girls

swimming with the dolphins

go the Mermaid Girls.


Mermaid Girls and Monster Truck Boys

Now they go to school

Could there be a duel?


Mermaid Girls watch the Monster Truck Boys.

Monster Truck Boys watch the Mermaid Girls.


Mermaid Girls, Mermaid Girls

super diving Mermaid Girls.


Monster Truck Boys, Monster Truck Boys

super driving monster trucks.


Mermaid Girls and Monster Truck Boys

They’re playing at magic school

which has a friendly rule.


Mermaid Girls can play with Monster Truck Boys.

Monster Truck Boys can play with Mermaid Girls.


Mermaid Girls talk to Monster Truck Boys.

Monster Truck Boys talk to Mermaid Girls.


Soon Monster Truck Boys 

like swimming in the sea.

They’re jumping and bumping 

in the sea.


Now Mermaid Girls 

like driving monster trucks

as if they’re giant seals.


Mermaid Girls and Monster Truck Boys

They’re all cool 

And they all love school

Their friendships are like jewels.


Monster Truck Boys, Monster Truck Boys 

swimming with the dolphins 

now they’re Mermaid Boys.


Mermaid Girls, Mermaid girls

Super driving, super dreaming

Now they’re Monster Truck Girls.


By June Perkins

EDUCATORS NOTE:  This poem was originally written as a song, to be performed by Monster Truck Boys and Mermaid Girls in a prep to grade two composite classroom.  It was to gently encourage them to try different games and not stereotype themselves but also so they could just have fun.  I recommend to teachers who have the talent to write poems and songs for their pupils to do so as it enriches the classroom experience.