Monkey Mia with Teacher Notes

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Monkey Mia ​ Word runs round the campsite They’re in! They’re coming in! Instantly the baking beach is crowded We stand knee-high in sea Yearning, stretching towards the horizon Where the dolphins appear A meeting, we trust, of minds Eager as ours, for contact For reaching across the species barrier In love They nudge our […]

Her First Christmas/Christmas Trees

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HER FIRST CHRISTMAS   The pillow case packed with carefully chosen gifts all wrapped   Adoring parents on the end of the bed   The toddler still in bed unwraps each one enjoying the paper the ribbons and bows   Mother sits on impatient hands Each item so carefully chosen carefully wrapped is carefully unwrapped […]

“Progression” with Teacher notes

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Progression   She showed it to her slavedriver who saw the possibilities He promoted slave Hannah to supervise the sawing team   Before, hundreds pulled the immense stone block on its log rollers A team of twenty waited at the back to grasp the log-load when it had been run over The back log had […]

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Festival hosts children’s poetry events         Are you thinking of becoming a children’s poet? Are you already a children’s poet looking for a way forward in your journey? What can poetry do for children? Join poets Sally Murphy, Dr June Perkins and JR Poulter, in-conversation with Dr Virginia Lowe, for this fascinating […]

Poems of the Day

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Poetry Prompt #19 attracted a swag of wonderful Acrostic poems. I hope you enjoy this selection as much as I did. River River, river, I don’t know River, river, where you flow Your course varies north to south Where’s your source?  Where’s your mouth? You’re a winding watery snake! (Now read it again, starting from […]