Winners announced


Congratulations to regular ACP Poem of the Day contributors Stephen Whiteside and Jenny Erlanger, who both won prizes in the recent  2016 Toolangi C. J. Dennis Written Poetry Competition.

Here are the full results:

Adult Open

First Prize – Golden Wedding (Shelley Hansen)

Second Prize – From Gallipoli With Love (Tom McIlveen)

Third Prize – Bobby’s Return (Tom McIlveen)


Open Themed – a poem inspired by “The Moods of Ginger Mick”

First Prize – Dear Rose (David Campbell)

Second Prize – Blarst the Flamin’ War (Shelley Hansen)

Third Prize – The Ghost of Ginger Mick (Stephen Whiteside)


Adults Writing for Children (as judged by an adult)

First Prize – Grandma’s Party (Graham Watt)

Second Prize – A Scarf and a Half (Jenny Erlanger)

Third Prize – The Bin Brigade (Jenny Erlanger)

Highly Commended – Toolangi Pie (David Campbell)

Highly Commended – My Teddy and I (Shelley Hansen)

Highly Commended – The Day the Clock Stopped (Stephanie M. Ward)

Highly Commended – My Little Brother (Wendy Seddon)

Highly Commended – Noses (Peter O’Shauhnessy)


Adults Writing for Children (as judged by children)

First Prize – Toolangi Pie (David Campbell)

Second Prize – My Teddy and I (Shelley Hansen)

The REAL Reason I Don’t Brush My Teeth (Stephen Whiteside)


Poems by Children in Secondary School

First Prize – Classroom (Sebastian Brooker)

Second Prize – Flames Always Burn (Tiarne Guyatt)

Third Prize – The Love of the Sea (Tiarne Guyatt)


Poems by Children in Primary School

First Prize – My Grandpa (Isabella Wallace)

Second Prize – The Brumby (Gabriella Manifold)

Third Prize – The Wackergonginee (Lily Dracopoulos)