Poetry Prompt #42

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I hope your week is off to a creative start. It’s a while since I posted this prompt – February in fact – so I thought I’d put the call out there again. Rhyming poems do far outnumber the non-rhyming poems I receive for Poem of the Day, but there’s always space for more. I love playing around with different rhyme patterns. I hope you do too. Send your poems to me at traffa-m@bigpond.net.au as a Word or text document attachment and add a line or two about your writing process. Don’t forget, if you’ve missed a prompt from previous weeks, you can always catch up.

Happy writing!


Poetry pointers #1

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 Find the rhythm

Poetry doesn’t have to rhyme but it should have good rhythm–should sound good read aloud, as that is how most poetry for children is delivered, rather than silent reading. Listen to the sounds as you read out your poem; does it have a good pattern, an attractive rhythm? Jerky rhythm or forced rhyme will really spoil the overall feel. – Sophie Masson. (Visit Sophie’s website here to find out more about her writing).