Please note: the introductory paragraph was updated on 7 October 2014.

Here are quick links to the articles published on the blog page of this site.  (Please note that article links via the ‘drop down menu’ refer to articles not published on the blog page. Their links are available at the end of the following list). 

The most recent articles are listed first.

  • To Verse Or Not to Verse? by Emma Cameron

  • In Verse: Why and How I Write Verse Novels by Sally Murphy

  • Tips for Writing Rhyming Verse by Stephen Whiteside

  • How to Run a Writing Competition by Dianne Bates

  • Some Thoughts on Poetry – Why Do I Read It? by Dianne Bates

  • “Teaching” Poetry in Primary Schools by Stephen Whiteside

  • Writing for Children without Writing about Children by Stephen Whiteside

  • First Lines of Children’s Poems by Ed de Cario

  • Children as Poetry Judges

  • Student Activities with Poetry by Di Bates

  • Growing up and Glasses by Janeen Brian

  • Articles about Children’s Poetry – information supplied by Dianne Cook

  • Viva La Poetry Revolution

  •  Entering poetry competitions

  •  A meeting with Max Fatchen by Janeen Brian

  • The Fulfillment of a Lifetime Quest: Writing the Billy That Died With Its Boots On and Other Australian Verse – by Dr Stephen Whiteside.

  • Why are booksellers afraid of children’s poetry?

  • Passion for Poetry and Delight in Communication – Edel Wignell interviews poet, Dr Stephen Whiteside

  • Using Technology for Poetry Creation and Presentation with Kids

  • Playing with Words by Meredith Costain

  • Try Tetractys by Edel Wignell

  •  An Atmosphere of  Possibility: Teaching Creative Writing by Harry Laing

  • Some Thoughts on Poetry by Dianne (Di) Bates

  • How to Read a Verse Novel by Sherryl Clark

  • The Book As Artefact: Children’s Responses to Nursery Rhymes © Virginia Lowe






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