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Here’s an interesting post on children’s poetry in America

For any humorous poetry fans out there, you might want to check out THE FUNEVERSE. It’s a free resource for schools and children where poets, illustrators and kids come together to exercise their creative funny bones and write funny verse.

This is the website of Emma Press, UK, which offers a newsletter letting readers know of poetry competitions in the UK and what else is happening there in poetry

* March Madness Poetry (#MMPoetry)

This is the website of Ed de Cario who for the past three years has run an online competition March Madness Poetry (#MMPoetry) which is “an event designed to bring the excitement of the NCAA March Madness tournament to the world of kids’ poetry. 64 poets from around the world participate in the event; together, these poets write 126 new kids’ poems in just 21 days: IT’S MADNESS!”


Don’t forget to check out our ‘Competitions‘ page for upcoming submission deadlines.

Other competition links include:


World Poetry Day:

The United Nations describes poetry as another facet of the dialogue among cultures. World Poetry Day (March 21) is a celebration of the contribution made to society by poetry.



Collections and Anthologies:

The following publishers have published collections and/or anthologies of Australian children’s poetry since 2000:


Australian Poets Online:


Articles on Australian Poetry:


Poetry Writing Tips:


Poetry Links (in general):

New links that have been added are  listed first *.


On the NSW Premier’s Reading Challenge site, there is a poetry category for most age divisions:

*stage 3/4 – poetry

*stage 5/6 – poetry

*stage 7-9 – poetry


Where to Buy Children’s Poetry Books:



Reviews of Children’s Poetry Books:


Australian Children’s Poets’ Websites  (alphabetical order):

NB: Bios for Australian children’s poets listed on this website can be viewed at Poets A-Z

Duncan Ball  

Dianne (Di) Bates

Janeen Brian

Mark Carthew

Sherryl Clark

Bill Condon 

Meredith Costain

Vashti Farrer

Dale Harcombe

Libby Hathorn

Steven Herrick

Jackie Hosking

Doug MacLeod

Geoffrey McSkimming

Lorraine Marwood

Teena Raffa-Mulligan

Sally Odgers

Helen Ross

Claire Saxby

Stephen Whiteside

Edel Wignell


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  1. I am interested in joining your band of Australian Children’s Poets and have just subscribed to follow your blog by email. How do I submit my details and a selection of poems for consideration?

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