Duncan Ball

Duncan Ball pic IMG_1241bDuncan Ball is the multi-award-winning author of over seventy-five children’s books including the ever-popular series about Selby, the talking dog, and adventures of Emily Eyefinger, the girl who was born with an eye on the end of her finger. Duncan has always had a passion for poetry, especially of the short, rhyming kind, so it isn’t surprising that the Selby books are peppered with poetry like this one from the book, Selby’s Stardom:

Sue the Gymnast

A gymnast by the name of Sue

Once rubbed herself with superglue

Then climbed up on her trampoline

But stopped midway through her routine

Sue-perior, is how she’s feeling

She’s so stuck up – against the ceiling.

After many years Duncan’s publisher HarperCollins finally allowed him to write a book of just his poetry. The result was My Sister Has a Big Black Beard, containing forty-nine funny poems like these, below, and beautifully illustrated by Kerry Millard:

Duncan Ball ZZZZZBig Black Beard front cover

Duncan’s website, containing lots of information about him, his books and his contact details is: http://www.duncanball.com.au


Because I was an awful bore

My family nailed me to the floor

I asked, ‘How can I get around?’

‘You can’t,’ they said.

Then they left town.

© Duncan Ball

The Shark Isn’t as Bad as His Bite

The shark at heart is sweet and kind,

This animal is much maligned.

Any underwater vet

Will tell you he’s the perfect pet.

He likes to frolic in the sea

With little folks like you and me.


The problem is those pointy teeth

With rows and rows more underneath.

Although he doesn’t like to hurt

He looks on us as his dessert.

To show he’s in a happy mood

He likes to play with us, his food.

© Duncan Ball

Poems copyright Duncan Ball ©

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