Poets A-Z


Kathryn Apel


Duncan Ball

Dianne Bates

Catherine Bateson

David Bateson

Anne Bell

Celia Berrell

Wendy Blaxland

Janeen Brian


Mark Carthew

Sherryl Clark

Bill Condon

Meredith Costain


Monty Edwards

Dianne Ellis

Jenny Erlanger

Glenys Eskdale


Katherine Gallagher


Libby  Hathorn

Steven Herrick

Elizabeth Honey

Jackie Hosking


Alys Jackson


Harry Laing

Henry Lawson

Mike Lucas


Jill McDougall

Doug MacLeod

Geoffrey McSkimming

Kristin Martin

Lorraine Marwood

Sophie Masson

Sally Murphy


Val Neubecker

Rebecca Newman

Oodgeroo Noonuccal aka Kath Walker

Lilith Norman


Sally Odgers

Kate O’Neil


Louise Pocock

JR Poulter

June Perkins

Venessa Proctor



Teena Raffa-Mulligan

Elizabeth (Betty) Riddell

Helen Ross


Claire Saxby

Pat Simmons


Celeste Walters

Peter Wesley-Smith

Stephen Whiteside

Edel Wignell

Jane Williams

John Williams

Gordon Winch

8 thoughts on “Poets A-Z

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  2. Great to see all the effort that has gone into getting this site up and running. I have been writing comedy poetry for children for the last 30 years. Only now that I am retired am I doing something about getting published. I will have my own website up and running in the next 3 weeks. Hope you like it . Will put some poems on this website soon.
    As a Primary School Teacher I know how much children can respond to poetry and dramatizing poems on stage. Look forward to building Poetry for children and sparking their imaginations through good verse. Congratulations once again.
    Kind regards to everyone——John

  3. I think another poem of mine is due soon on this site: entitled THE BEAR.

    It is so good John, to observe a renewed interest in poetry in its many forms – especially appreciated now by children and its worth seen in education.

    My first published book THE ELEGANT ELEPHANT was written entirely in rhyming verse as was the third one -very young children’s book -THE LONELY GNU. But I have written prose and adult poetry – very privately – for many decades. Also songs – the lyrics and music – (the latter seems to come with the words as I write) and have performed and read my work in a few public events.

    Sometimes I write ‘silly’ poems to encapsulate a moment, an idea, or something suddenly experienced… simply for the fun of the words. Sometimes I’ve done the same with rapid drawings for children at schools.

    Currently I’m getting past works translated to cd from the original handwritten scrawls.
    Would also like to hear from anyone looking for poems for an anthology.

    I hope this may perhaps have been of some small interest to you.


  4. Hi Di,

    Marco Gliori here.

    Great Website! I was just checking how your project went. Well done.

    I recall you inviting me to contribute some poems to your Anthology some time ago. When I checked my repertoire I realized how many long poems I had. Unfortunately I didn’t have anything I thought was suitable.

    I wanted to thank you for inspiring though. Afterwards I began a fun sporadic project that has taken me the best part of two years. I find it hard to sit down and write on demand, unless it is a corporate or commissioned poem, then I just get to work. But the ideas that germinate my most precious gems come seemingly spontaneously, and I go back and forth in my spare time chiselling away at the piece/s until I reckon I’ve exhausted the possibilities. No unusual amongst writers I suspect. Even then, I find it very hard not to criticize each poem, or fail to discount the possibility that there may have been a different, perhaps better way to say ‘that’. I guess most writers do this, but moving on is always a necessity to retain your sanity.

    On that note, I have completed 26 short poems about ‘very interesting children’ and, for the first time in 23 years as a Performance Poet, I am considering trying to have a collection published other than ‘independently’.

    Might you be able to offer any suggestions as to which company might even read the manuscript without an agent representing me, and if not I was wondering how I might go about being represented or simply having a manuscript read by a publishing editor?

    Any information will help, and I hope all is well and you are writing heaps.

    It will be great to pass on your website details to Teachers, always searching for more entertaining verse.


    • Hi Marco! I signed a contract for the anthology this year with Walker Books Australia but now a new publisher (American) is having second thoughts about whether or not to honour the contract. She’s told me that she’ll have a definite answer by 15 November. (This book was accepted in 2009 by Walker, by the way). If you want to publish a children’s poetry collection, there is a list of Australian children’s publishers on the blog site Australian Children’s Poetry with contact details. You might also think about self-publishing with a print on demand publisher, such as Five Senses Education, which is a cheap way of publishing, plus you have control over distribution. In the meantime, try getting your poems published in NSW Department of Education School magazine — and send some to me for the blog. Good luck! Di


    Money can buy Food but not Nutrition.
    Money can buy Gifts but not Thanks.
    Money can buy Blanket but not Warmth.
    Money can buy Books but not Knowledge.
    Money can buy Blood but not Life.

    Money can buy Clock but not Time.
    Money can buy Air Conditioner but not coolness.
    Money can buy Bulb but not Brightness.
    Money can buy High Post but not Respect.
    Money can buy Sugar but not Sweetness.
    – Sahaj Sabharwal.
    -Jagdish Di Hatti,
    Chowk Chabutra,


    Minors are those less than eighteen,
    As they don’t have knowledge in keen.

    They don’t have a driving licence,
    As don’t have driving sense.

    Minors are given just pen and page,
    Their life is not more than a cage.

    Holiday is not given even on sundays,
    As their age is negligible for fundays.

    Parents are worried not to get blame,
    From minors they just want their fame.

    Circumstances are same for every minor,
    Parents are just their life designer.

    -Sahaj Sabharwal.
    -Chowk Chabutra,
    -11th Class.
    Delhi Public School, Jammu #India #Poem #Jammu #sahajsabharwal12345 #DelhiPublicSchool #DpsJammu
    #copyright #INDIA #TALENTPOET

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